Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shin-Chan (Tanuki Transformation)

Known as Crayon Shin-Chan in America, this anime about a mischievous little boy has been on the air for over 20 years and new episodes are still being made. Episode 784 features a unique werecreature, along with an amusing parody of a classic werewolf transformation. I only have access to a Spanish dub of the episode (titled "Hay un hombre lobo en Kasukabe").

As a completely unrelated bonus, here's a soccer football short to mark the World Cup. What a shame America got eliminated--too bad the only werewolf at the cup was Suarez!

Monsterpedia (Werewolf Transformation)

Monsterpedia is series of animated webvideos, and this entry is called "How To Be a Werewolf in 3 Easy Steps." It really is that easy.

Monsterpedia: How to be a Werewolf in 3 easy steps from Johanna Martinez on Vimeo.

Alien Spike (Werewolf Transformation)

This anime-style webcomic features a werewolf character named Jack, who begins transforming here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Order 1886 (Monster Transformation)

Here's something rare--a post involving video games. As you might guess, I'm not a gamer and I haven't come across much that's caught my eye. But this game has a relatively well rendered and timed transformation scene, involving a monster that looks like a cross between a zombie and werewolf.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scan2Go (Werewolf Transformation)

I honestly have no idea what this anime is about (pokemon with remote control cars?) but one of the characters is a werewolf-type thing and transforms in episode 39.

The video should be cued, but if it isn't the TF starts at the 17:58 mark.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Growing Pains (Werewolf Transformation)

Here's an exciting work-in-progress. Growing Pains is a Danish animated short about a teenaged boy who turns into a werewolf whenever he gets horny. Being a teenager in love, this happens quite often! The short isn't finished yet, but the teaser looks like heaven for transformation fans:

The werewolf-as-puberty metaphor is frequently mentioned, but very few films, aside from Ginger Snaps, have really explored the idea. John Landis (director of An American Werewolf in London) has also suggested that the werewolf transformation is an erection metaphor, and Growing Pains seems to agree.

We hope Growing Pains will be a great success. To keep tabs on the production, go to its website.

Black Blood Brothers and Blood Lad (Werewolf Transformations)

Here's are two transformations from anime I otherwise know nothing about:

The youtube account they're on is named "Lycan Volkodlak Werewolf," and it's entirely devoted to werewolf transformation videos, though most of the material will already be familiar to my readers. (I'm amused to note that several of the videos are taken from material I "discovered" on this blog. But I don't mind--it's not like I owned the material in the first place.) My only quibble with Lycan Volkodlak is that he stripped the original sound from both videos. For the original sound from "Black Blood Brothers," go to this video, which features inferior visual quality. That account is also devoted to werewolves by the way. Perhaps all of us should team up and form a pack...

Ben-10: Omniverse (Ape and Werewolf Transformations)

The interminable Ben-10 franchise featured two brief transformations during a recent episode titled "An American Benwolf in London."

Here's the Benwolf transformation. Many will recognize the creature as an updated form of the original Benwolf, from the first Ben-10 series. That show featured a three part transformation which started promisingly but fizzled out, since parts two and three used off-screen transformations.

The Omniverse episode also features a villain turning into a big purple ape-man, seen here. The muscle growth causing his armor to fly off is a nice touch, but I'm sick of that trick where the transforming character covers his face so the animators don't have to draw it.

Art Roundup (Ape and Various Transformations)

Two recent art finds, both NSFW.

A while back we reported on the transformation artwork of Navetsea. That artist has completed a new transformation sequence involving devolution, one of my favorite themes. An amorous couple start making out, only to get devolved into dumb, horny cavepeople. The sequence is available at the site "Hentai Foundry," and you might have to register in order to see it. The images are located within this gallery.

Our friend Externica recently informed us of a large gallery of transformation pictures (labeled 猪竹の) on Pixiv, a Japanese image-hosting site. A couple of things you should know: the artist does not have a good scanner, and his work is rather sketchy, though it does have vitality and a great love of transformation. Also, since it's adult-themed, you'll need to register with Pixiv to see the gallery (Externica reports that Pixiv might give some email addresses trouble). Lastly, many of the pictures are sequences loaded into one file, and you have to keep scrolling to load the next few images. But  it's worth it--many of the pictures involve demon and werewolf transformations, and there are also some involving leopards, kappa, bulls, dragons, and even plants. See them here.

Robot Chicken (Werewolf Transformation)

Here's a short skit from the stop-motion animation show Robot Chicken, called "Werewolf Problems." The transformation mostly involves clothes-bursting and hair-growth, and there's a humorous climax.

The Werewolf In the Living Room (Werewolf Transformation)

 Since my last text-based post was well-received, here's another book for your consideration.
The Werewolf In the Living Room is part of R.L. Stein's popular Goosebumps series of children's horror books (it's actually part of the Goosebumps 2000 series, but who cares?).

Contrary to what the cover suggests, there are no scenes of werewolves sitting around the living room with their paws on the ottoman. Sorry feet fetishists!

The protagonist is Aaron, who describes himself as "tall and skinny" with "curly red hair, freckles, and light green eyes." Aaron is the son of a werewolf hunter, so of course he gets turned into a werewolf and hunted down by Dad.

Here's the first transformation scene:
I sat on my bed--stared out the window--and waited.
I watched the sun slowly set.
As dusk turned to night, I saw the full moon rise in the sky--and felt my skin begin to tingle. Then burn.
I gazed in the mirror--and saw dark fur sprout over my skin.
My back and chest began to throb. I could see the muscles pulsating, straining against my T-shirt. Then a searing pain shot through my body as my bulging muscles tore through my clothes.
I squeezed my eyes shut as the bones in my face shifted. Formed into a skill that was half human, half beast.
I let out a howl of agony as fangs exploded from my gums.
Then a fiery pain shot through my hands and feet. I gazed at them in horror as my fingers and toes shrank. As my hands and feet formed into paws. As razor-sharp claws sprang from my scalding skin.
I burned with fever.
Burned with hunger.
With an ugly roar, I grabbed the rope around my waist and tore it away.
With the fury of a wild animal, I ripped the planks from my bedroom door.
And then I was running.
Running out of the house.
Running on all fours through the cool night air.
Running--with a raging, bloodthirsty hunger--in search of fresh meat!
There's another transformation towards the end, though it's shorter and more clumsily written. Here's an edited version:
As Ashlee searched the house, I began to feel my skin tingle.
I can't let Ashlee see me change! I told myself.
..."Hurry, Ashlee! Hurry!" I shouted, unable to hide my panic.
My skin began to burn.
My head began to ache...
"You'd better hurry home." I sprung out of the cage.
I could feel the fur begin to sprout on my back...
My muscles began to pound...
I glanced down--and saw dark, bristly hair begin to sprout from my hands.
...Don't turn back, Ashlee, I silently begged.
Please--go out the door. Don't turn around.
Please--don't see what I've become.
...A sharp pain shot through my skull as my head turned half human, half creature.
... A searing pain shot through my mouth as my fangs slipped out. I howled in agony.
The transformation was complete.
I was a total wolf-creature now.

Furry Force (Various Transformations)

The popular College Humor site has branched into animation--its latest effort is Furry Force, a sort of Captain Planet/Superfriends parody where the heroes are teens...who transform into ludicrously endowed furries. The transformation content is slight (there's some muscle growth at the 16 second mark in part two), but the videos are hilarious (the writers clearly did their research!). I'm not a furry, but I think most folks in that community will find these videos more funny than offensive.

Furry Heroes Are Super Gross--FURRY FORCE

Furry Force Part 2: Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser