Sunday, March 27, 2016

To our Readers in the UK

We need help from our British readers because we're looking for something that's only published in the UK. The title is Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine #299. As you can see from the cover below, issue 299 features werewolves was released in December 2015. So far back issues of this magazine have been impossible to find online. If you can help us get scans or a copy, please comment or send a message.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ultimate Spider-Man (Lizard Transformations)

The fifth episodes from the fourth season of Ultimate Spider-Man is called "Lizards" and definitely lives up to its title! The premise: Doc Connors turns into the lizard again, but this time his bite is infectious, so there are five lizard transformations shown in this episode! Bless the storyboard artists for taking interest in each TF--they even paid attention to the most difficult part to show transforming (the one most animators skip): the head. And if all that wasn't enough, we get a few reversions too:

As you can see, the transformees include Connors (the first and longest TF), Shield agent Leo Fitz (a well-drawn head and face focused TF) and three of Spider-Man's "Web Warriors" sidekicks: Kid Arachnid aka Miles Morales (some nice clothes-bursting), Scarlet Spider aka Caine (the quickest TF), and Iron Spider aka Amadeus Cho (another good head/face transformation). Contrary to what Miles says at the end, "Web Warriors plus reptile equals" good mojo!

Bitten (Werewolf Transformation)

Here's a very short werewolf metamorphosis from Bitten (season 3, episode 4, "A Quiet Dog"). The transformation only consists of three shots, but I wanted to feature it because (a) the actor playing the werewolf is super-cute and (b) the CGI of his feet turning into paws is of better-than-average quality:

Werewolf Transformation 5 by blackjack60

Here's a slow motion video of his feet changing for those paw fetishists out there:

Slow Motion Detail by blackjack60

A Growing Concern (Size Growth)

Daymon here with new piece of animation from Charon2, who also collaborated with Cantstopgrowing, Xtream7, and Emancipator to make it. So I hope you enjoy this. Take note that it's NSFW as well:

New Getter Robo (Oni transformations)

This is Daymon, presenting to you two transformation scenes from the 2004 anime New Getter Robo. The show was suggested for this blog several years ago by an anonymous commenter.

Here is the first scene:

And the other:

The Shaggy Dog (Dog transformation)

Co-editor Daymon here, giving you both of the transformation scenes from the 1994 movie The Shaggy Dog. Hope you enjoy:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Message from Apuleius:
Hello everyone, below are three new posts from co-editor Daymon, which you will find of the highest interest. I also want to note that Dutchbull and Shadowlord Inc. have recently updated, so pay them a visit when you're done here. I hope to personally post several items later this month, so stay tuned...

Dragon Growth (Muscle and Size Growth)

This is co-editor Daymon, and today I'm presenting animation by the artist Cantstopgrowing and youtube user Smeg Asus (who added the sound), which shows a dragon growing several times in size, with close-ups of his expressions and enlarging parts. The third clip demonstrates how the artists have improved with each effort..
Take note that ALL of the dragon's body parts growing, so these clips are NSFW.

Dinosaucers(Styracosaurus Transformation)

Daymon here--I found this scene from the 1987 cartoon Dinosaucers. The antagonist transforms from being human back to his dinosaur form:

Fringe (Porcupine Transformation)

Daymon here with two transformations from Fringe that show a man transforming into a porcupine mutant.

Here is the first one:

And the second scene:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Transformation Round-Up

Hello, co-editor Daymon here with some transformations from various live action shows & movies, cartoons, and video games. To start off, here are some transformations from X-Men the Animated Series. Some items are only links because of trouble with embedding Youtube videos on Blogger.

Lykos's transformation into Sauron:
Sauron Transformation

Beast's Muscle Growth:

Here is an interesting transformation scene from Tarzan the Animated Series:
Leopardman transformation

 Transformations from Strider 2:
Walrus and Big Cat Transformation

All the transformations from Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms:
Altered Beast Transformation

All transformations from the game, Metamorphic Force:
Metamorphic Force Transformation

Here are two transformations suggested by Dash Master 48 from Kamen Rider Gaim and Kamen Rider Kabuto:
Byakko Inves transformation, the transformation should start at 8:38

Here is the transformations from the Kamen Rider Kabuto, I had trouble finding the episodes so I hope you like it:

Kabuto : All Worms Transformations (SPOILERS) by Nightwingrayson

Beast Machines (Wolf and dragon transformation)

Daymon here again, bringing you two interesting transformation scenes from the Transformers: Beast Machines cartoon.
They involve a dragon reverting to a wolf creature and then transforming again.
2nd transformation starts at 12:10; Sorry I couldn't get it to start there for some reason
 Here the transformation scene:
Wolf to Dragon Transformation

And its reverse:

Beast Machines 2x04 - In Darkest Knight by tracking291

Splatterhouse (Muscle Growth)

Daymon here: I found the following scene from the remake of Splatterhouse.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Time for an update and a very special one too! It's the first by my new co-editor, Daymon. Everyone who reads this blog knows that Daymon has notified us of many, many excellent transformations in the past. With that mind, I asked if he'd like to take on a curatorial role and I'm very happy he accepted. So please welcome our new co-editor! He's posted four new items below, and I'm sure you'll agree he's off to a great start. As for myself, I'll be posting new stuff sometime in early February.

Conan the Adventurer (Wolf, Lizard, Dragon, Falcon, and Monster Transformations)

This is Daymon, here as the co-editor with my first major post. I wanted to start with a selection of transformations from Conan the Adventurer cartoon.

Let's begin with this wolf transformation:

Conan the Adventurer S01E08 Greywolf of Xanthus

Here is a monster-into-bigger-monster transformation:

Conan the Adventurer S02E17 The Vengeance of...

His reversion scene:

Conan the Adventurer S02E17 The Vengeance of...

Here is Windfang's dragon-man transformation:

Conan the Adventurer S01E12 Windfang's Eyrie

And Windfang's reversion:

Conan the Adventurer S02E25 Earthbound

But poor Winfang transfoms yet again:

Conan the Adventurer S02E25 Earthbound

Here is a falcon-man transformation:

An Evil Wind in Kusan

And the reversion scene:

An Evil Wind in Kusan

Here is a lizardman reversion:

Conan the Adventurer S02E32 Final Hours of Conan 

Werewolf Roundup (Werewolf transformations)

Hello, this is your co-editor, Daymon, posting some new werewolf transformations: 

First we have the transformation (with a slo-mo replay) from The Simpons' "Treehouse of Horror X":

Here is one from American Dad:

And here are the transformation and reversion scenes from the claymation MTV show Celebrity Deathmatch:

I also found the video of the Olliver's Adventures episode "Wolfman Zack." The transformation starts at the 16:50 mark: Wolfman Zack transformation