Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's update time! The new entries are below. This time around I was happily surprised by how many were suggested by the readers. Thank you! I also notice that the blog has now passed over one million page-views, so thanks once again! Enjoy the new material and please let me know if any links or videos fail to work. I'm off to bed.

Next update is scheduled for June 3. As I've promised so many times in the past, I'll be trying to post smaller updates more regularly, such as every two weeks.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

 The latest direct-to-video from DC is intended for children, whereas previous videos (like the terrible Justice League: War) were intended to 40 year-olds with minds of 14 year-olds. It's a very schizoid approach, especially since Batman: the Animated Series and the Justice League TV show equally appealled to kids and adults.

Anyway, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is decent kiddie-fare and also gives a large role to Man-Bat, who transforms from bat to human twice, with a man-to-bat shift in-between. I want to hug whoever story-boarded the transformations, because they're depicted plenty of detail, with no cheating. I've edited together the scenes in this occasionally choppy video:

Bat Transformations and Reversions by blackjack60

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H (Hulk/Muscle Growth/Monster Transformations)

Episode 17 of this show's second season is titled "Banner Day," and as you can guess it shows the Hulk reverting to his human alter ego Bruce Banner--who transforms back into the Hulk near the end. I've combined the reversion and TF below:

Werewolf Round-Up 2

Though this update technically contains only 9 items, this mega-post has just as many within it. First, let's start with werewolves in amateur film-making.

A well-animated transformation:

The animator was also kind enough to provide a contact sheet:

A crowd-funding video with TF content:

A simple but very fun piece of animation:
Werewolf Transformation - Animation Assignment from Ana Paula Fogaça on Vimeo.

A talented slice of homemade live-action cinema:


The next three items are all suggestions from anonymous readers:

* The manga Ran to Haiiro no Sekai features a full wolf transformation starting here.

* My post on Chastity and Les Fugitifs de l'Ombre reminded a reader of a very quick transformation from episode 2 of the anime Magical Pokaan.  

* Here's an amusing video about a world with no moon.


Some trailers for upcoming werewolf films: I know folks are excited about Howl, but the director has said the werewolves will transform over years, not overnight, which suggests we won't see anything more than partial transformations.

I'm more excited about Uncaged, which has a much lower budget but is more interested in classic werewolf transformations:

I'm just as excited about Tokyo Grand Guignol, a French horror anthology set in Tokyo. Look at the last shot and you'll get excited too!


This liquor commercial is a disappointment: the transformation goes off-camera way too soon:


Reader WolfieD suggested featuring some of the (NSFW) artwork commissioned for his Furaffinity account. I'm happy to oblige, since the art includes pieces I've favorited and series by Kuma and Mark Wulfgar (links are to the first pages of each). Wolfie is also a writer and his account has many stories (he recommends "The Slow Change", "Pleasure Cruise", "A Mirror," "The Fang" and "The Curse of Attwell Mansion").


This last item is sort-of werewolf related but too funny to pass up: after viewing this picture you'll never look at a certain monster the same way again.

Uncle Grandpa (Muscle Growth/Age Progression)

A reader named Awesome suggested posting this awesome clip from the cartoon Uncle Grandpa

The deep voice is the icing on the beefcake!

Kamen Rider Shin and a Body Horror Bonus (Monster/Insect Transformation)

I don't know anything about this aside from the fact that it's very well done and has more body horror than the usual Kamen Rider fare.

While we're on the topic of body horror, an anonymous reader suggested posting the music video for "Fantasy" by DyE. I've cued it to when the fun starts. Squeamish people probably shouldn't watch.

Indian TV (Werewolf Transformations)

Here's a promising subject which turned out to be a letdown. Werewolves haven't been a big part of Indian culture (unlike weretigers) but they've become more popular thanks to globalization and the success of the Twilight. So I was initially excited to find werewolves popping up all over Indian TV. But if you thought the special effects budgets for Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries were small, you're in for an even bigger letdown...

Let's start with episode 8 of The Adventures of Hatim.

You can see the problem: rushed low-budget CGI combined with a goofy werewolf costume that has the head of a Satanic Care Bear. There's also a reversion scene, and the next episode has another transformation and reversion, but they're too rapid to be interesting.

Let's move on to a horror-themed show named Aahat, episode 13:

The CGI is more detailed, but still bargain-basement, like the werewolf costume. Still, I appreciate the longer transformation.

Next is a episode 15 of a cop show called either Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath (or SuperCops vs Supervillains Shapath). This transformation uses make-up instead of a guy in a suit, and the wolfman suffers from puffy hair:

There are three reversion scenes, but they consist of more rushed CGI (if you're desperate you can watch them here and here and here).

Lastly, I'll remind everyone of the first clip from Indian TV that I ever posted to this blog, way back in 2011: Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani. It's still my favorite Indian werewolf transformation, despite being the oldest. For once a CGI werewolf looks better than the goofy costumed ones.

I don't think this blog has many readers in India, but if any are reading this, I hope I haven't sounded too harsh. I know that economic restraints, not lack talent, are to blame. Here's a good transformation scene from India, back in the glory days of practical effects: the weretiger from Junoon.

X-Men: First Class (Beast Transformation)

Back in 2012 a reader named Lifer suggested I post Beast's transformation scene from X-Men: First Class. I've taken a shamefully long time to fulfill that request, but better late than never, right?

To watch the scene in HD, click on this link and scroll to the 1:27:41 mark.
(I'm not going to try hosting a clip on my youtube or dailymotion accounts because it would just get taken down. There are a couple youtube videos of the scene but they use footage from the promotional film, not the actual feature.)

After you finish, you might be interested in the special effects breakdown of the scene, which shows how much work goes into good CGI:

Wolf Boy (Werewolf Transfomation)

An anonymous reader suggested posting "Wolf Boy," an animated music video for a Tasmanian band called The Phibes. As far as I know neither Dutch Bull or Dragoniade have featured it so I will, because the transformation is something of a classic.The animation consists of cleverly joined paper cut-outs, which have a charmingly homemade look:

The technique also has certain affinities with the animation in this short:

Lives (Monster Transformations)

Back in January a reader named Notiro suggested featuring the manga Lives. The plot involves a "meteor which hits the earth and transports several people to another world where they start turning into monsters. Most of the transformations occur off-panel, but here's one that doesn't.

The same character later transforms into a more feral, fish-like state, starting here.  

At the end the main character transforms as well. There's one page of the transformation starting here, followed by the rest of the TF.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The update is proceeding on track, and a third of the items are ready for posting. My goal is to have everything up no later than Tuesday morning (PST). And this time I will be able to make my goal!
 While you wait, please check out Dutch Bull's site, since he updated just last week. In equally exciting news, Dragoniade has been updating Shadowlord, Inc.  and I'm delighted to see its collection grow even bigger. One of the new items was suggested for this blog by an anonymous reader back in October; I dropped the ball on that one but Dragoniade picked it up. Both sites have plenty of equally great or even better videos, so have a look.

P.S. I'm amused that two people clicked "No Thank You"!