Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello Gang,

I'm happy to announce that I've updated the blog with five videos, all featured below. Tomorrow I'm going on vacation and will be gone for most of August, so I hope this update will tide you over (if not, just remember that Dutchbull has recently updated too).

Son of Batman (Bat Transformation)

Once upon a time DC released some of the best superhero cartoons ever made (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, etc.). Now the focus is on making direct-to-video animated films, and they're not as good. Son of Batman is overall mediocre, but it does have a subplot about members of the League of Assassins being turned into man-bats. Here's a scene of one of them reverting to human form, along with a slow-motion replay.

Blue Exorcist (Demon Transformation)

The first two episodes of this anime include a bully who gets possessed by a demon and undergoes a two-stage transformation, as seen in this edited compilation (two stage-one TFs, a stage-two, and a reversion). The video is in Japanese language with Spanish subtitles, but it's not like you were watching this for the plot...

My Little Pony (Dragon Transformation and Age Progression)

Oddly enough, no ponies are involved in this transformation, taken from episode 36 ("The Secret of My Excess"). Instead we get a dragon named Spike. He's a child-sized and cutesy, until he starts getting greedy and undergoes what can only be described as monstrous dragon puberty, complete with gigantic growth spurts, a deeper voice, and increased aggression. This lengthy clip has been awkwardly assembled from various bits of the episode. Sadly, the final stage of the transformation occurs off-screen.

Dan Vs. (Bear Transformation)

Did you know all Canadians are half-bear? Dan's friend Chris is living proof! If you don't believe me, take a look at this clip from episode six, "Dan Vs. Canada."

Packages From Planet X (Monster Transformation)

Episode 18A of this obscure cartoon is called "Big Dan on Campus" and involves the skinny protagonist acquiring bracelets that siphon electricity to give Dan increased size, strength, body hair, and all-around manliness. Soon he gets too manly!
Unfortunately, I was only able to get a Polish dub of the episode. Also, since he transforms throughout most of the episode, I had to edit together parts of various scenes. That said, enjoy the masculinity overload!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shin-Chan (Tanuki Transformation)

Known as Crayon Shin-Chan in America, this anime about a mischievous little boy has been on the air for over 20 years and new episodes are still being made. Episode 784 features a unique werecreature, along with an amusing parody of a classic werewolf transformation. I only have access to a Spanish dub of the episode (titled "Hay un hombre lobo en Kasukabe").

As a completely unrelated bonus, here's a soccer football short to mark the World Cup. What a shame America got eliminated--too bad the only werewolf at the cup was Suarez!

Monsterpedia (Werewolf Transformation)

Monsterpedia is series of animated webvideos, and this entry is called "How To Be a Werewolf in 3 Easy Steps." It really is that easy.

Monsterpedia: How to be a Werewolf in 3 easy steps from Johanna Martinez on Vimeo.

Alien Spike (Werewolf Transformation)

This anime-style webcomic features a werewolf character named Jack, who begins transforming here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Order 1886 (Monster Transformation)

Here's something rare--a post involving video games. As you might guess, I'm not a gamer and I haven't come across much that's caught my eye. But this game has a relatively well rendered and timed transformation scene, involving a monster that looks like a cross between a zombie and werewolf.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scan2Go (Werewolf Transformation)

I honestly have no idea what this anime is about (pokemon with remote control cars?) but one of the characters is a werewolf-type thing and transforms in episode 39.

The video should be cued, but if it isn't the TF starts at the 17:58 mark.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Growing Pains (Werewolf Transformation)

Here's an exciting work-in-progress. Growing Pains is a Danish animated short about a teenaged boy who turns into a werewolf whenever he gets horny. Being a teenager in love, this happens quite often! The short isn't finished yet, but the teaser looks like heaven for transformation fans:

The werewolf-as-puberty metaphor is frequently mentioned, but very few films, aside from Ginger Snaps, have really explored the idea. John Landis (director of An American Werewolf in London) has also suggested that the werewolf transformation is an erection metaphor, and Growing Pains seems to agree.

We hope Growing Pains will be a great success. To keep tabs on the production, go to its website.