Thursday, July 2, 2015

Update complete! In addition to the four items added on Tuesday, I've included two new posts and added a video to the One Piece post. Thanks again to everyone who sent in suggestions. I didn't get around to posting all of them, but I'll try for next time. I'm extremely happy at the level of participation shown by my readers. The next update will be around July 19.

Partial update time! Four new items are below. But wait, there will be more! I'll be adding a few three more items and they should be up by Wednesday Thursday (sorry guys, but I'm wiped out). So check back then.

Ang Lihim ni Annasandra (Pig Transformation)

Pig transformations are scarce on this blog, so I'm glad to include this one, thanks to Elrey at the Process Forum.

Ang Lihim ni Annasandra is a Filipino drama about a young woman cursed to transform into a boar at night. Her boyfriend eventually succumbs to the curse as well, and in this scene his transformation is intercut with hers. The CGI is zero-budget and and uses the black fur of the boar to cheat, but we do get some clothes-ripping and a beefy man-boar.
Also, though this is an official network video it suffers from pixelation in spots.

Later on there's a partial TF, which is also intercut with some transforming ladies:

Ang Lihim ni Annasandra - February 2 2015 by gmakapuso

If anyone knows of more male transformation scenes from this series, please contact me. Thanks again Elrey! And for those of you who also like female transformations, check out Elrey's youtube channel!

Fairy Tale 2014 (Jackal Transformation)

Many thanks to Aaron for notifying me of a transformation scene from episode 62 of this anime. A villain named Jackal transforms into a werewolfy version of his namesake.

Thanks again Aaron--you were right about the hot shirt-ripping!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lost World (Werewolf Transformations)

The Lost World was a TV series from 1999 that was based very loosely on Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel. In an episode titled "The Intruders" we're treated to several characters undergoing werewolf transformations (not in the book!). The special effects rely on dated morphing to transition between the actors and the fur suits, but back in 1999 they must have looked above average for syndicated TV.

Here's the first TF:

There's also a second transformation, a third TF followed immediately by a reversion, another reversion, and a final reversion.

Many thanks to Daymon for suggesting this episode! 

One Piece (Monster Transformation)

Almost all of the many transformation scenes from this off-beat anime (which primarily involve a reindeer/human hybrid named Tony Tony Chopper) can be seen at Shadowlord Inc. (here are links for the original show, the third movie, the fourth movie, and the fifth). But Daymon has found a clip from episode 290 that's not yet on the site, so give him a hand.

EDIT: Daymon has also alerted me to a wolfman transformation in episode 286:

X-Men Evolution (Beast/Monster Transformation)

I have to thank Daymon yet again for suggesting Beast's transformation scene from the X-Men cartoon:

P.S. I recently updated my other Beast post with a link sent by Lifer.

High Moon (Werewolf Transformations)

Thanks to Lifer for alerting me to the fact that the first chapters of this webcomic about werewolves in the wild west can be freely read online. Those who don't want to read through the entire saga should know that the werewolf transformations start in part 5 (6 pages in). The entire collected series is available for purchase online at a very low price. The last chapter includes this demonic transformation:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Avengers Assemble (Bear Transformation)

As promised, here's the (slightly delayed) update! I will be updating more often, so instead of dumping 15 items every two months I'll upload two or three every couple of weeks (so expect the next update around Monday, June 29). All three items in this update were suggested or sent in by readers, and I'm still working on several other suggestions. I'm incredibly pleased that many readers have become contributors to this blog.

An example is the clip below, which was sent to me ready-made by two longtime readers, Kwipper and Makaio. It's from Avengers Assemble, season 2, episode 18 ("Secret Avengers") and features Ursa Major, whose power involves living up to his name. As you can see, the initial transformation has been slowed and repeated, so viewers can take in the details. Footage of Ursa Major in action has also been included.

Bear Transformation (Ursa Major)
Thanks for your hard work gentlemen! 

Fairy Tale 2014 (Demon Transformation)

Reader Aaron informed me about episode 56 of this anime, which features several transformations, including a scene of the bad guy turning into a demon:

Later on there's a quick age regression scene, and a brief glimpse of the bad guy turning back into a human.

Apparently this is the second anime based on the Fairy Tale manga--the first is said to have several transformation scenes as well. I'll have to do investigate, but in the meantime, thank you Aaron!

Conan the Adventurer (Werewolf and Bat Transformations)

Reader Daymon suggested posting some of the many transformation scenes from the cartoon series Conan the Adventurer.
Clips used to be on Shadowlord Inc and Dragoniade will probably re-upload them in the near future, but in the meantime here's a taster of scenes from episode 52, "Thorns of Midnight." All of the clips have been cued.

First comes one of the best werewolf transformations from an 80s cartoon.

Thorns of Midnight

Second is a similarly well-done bat TF:

Thorns of Midnight

Lastly, two characters turned into ordinary wolves during an earlier episode transform back into human,s complete with magically-appearing clothes:

Thorns of Midnight
Thank you Daymon, for this neat blast from the past!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's update time! The new entries are below. This time around I was happily surprised by how many were suggested by the readers. Thank you! I also notice that the blog has now passed over one million page-views, so thanks once again! Enjoy the new material and please let me know if any links or videos fail to work. I'm off to bed.

Next update is scheduled for June 3 June 12. As I've promised so many times in the past, I'll be trying to post smaller updates more regularly, such as every two weeks.