Thursday, March 20, 2014

"A Donkey Tail" by Mamabliss (Donkey Transformation)

(As promised, I am switching gears--instead of waiting a long time to make a massive update, I will be making smaller updates more often.)

Mamabliss is one of this site's frequent artists, thanks to her prolific output and sensuous, funky style. She recently presented her blog readers with another lengthy, not-safe-for-work transformation comic--"A Donkey Tail." It's the story of two young asses who fulfill their true natures...
And if that wasn't great enough, Mamabliss is working on "A Donkey Tail: Part Two"!

Fashion King (Werewolf Transformation)

Fashion King (패션왕) is a Korean webcomic. Though set in the fashion world, it apparently has a wacky sense of humor--in one story the fashion-model hero turns into a werewolf. The transformation occurs across two chapters. It starts here--you have scroll way down to get to it. Fortunately for us, the transformation is revisited at the start of the next chapter, seen here. The artist makes sure to use all the classic, tried-and-true transformation tropes in his parody, bless 'im. Apparently Fashion King is going to be made into a live-action movie--I hope they include the werewolf parts!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vampires (Werewolf, werecat, bear, bat, eagle, and gorilla transformations)

Don't be fooled by the title--this classic manga is really about animal shapeshifters.
Osamu Tezuka (1928-89) is sometimes known as the Walt Disney of Japan, though it terms of sheer creativity he is easily Disney's superior. Vampires (1966-67) is one of his lesser-known works and stars a young werewolf named Toppei. Western mythology was still relatively new to Japan, so Tezuka called his werewolves--and anyone else who could turn into an animal--vampires. And in the West vampires and werewolves were not always regarded as separate creatures either.

Anyway, this manga is a motherlode of transformations, so let's begin with Volume 01.
Remember to read from right to left! Here Toppei reverts from werewolf to human:

Here's a quick werewolf transformation:

Now we have another reversion scene, with Toppei lying in the back of a car:

For whatever reason, Toppei's reversions tend to be better than his transformations:

However, since I know many people prefer transformations, here you go:

Now we move on to Volume 02.  Here's a two page werewolf reversion:

Swiftly followed by another werewolf TF: 

 Now we get people changing into other animals. Here is a "vampire":

Here is a dying bear reverting to human form:

This page doesn't have a transformation sequence, but it shows some characters amusingly depicted in an awkward half-animal/half-human state: 

 Tezuka even throws in a guy who can turn into a tiger!

Now we arrive at Volume 03 and get another werewolf TF from Toppei, who transforms while falling from a building. The panels and their arrangement demonstrate why Tezuka is a master:

 Yet more new shapeshifters--here's a dude who turns into an eagle!

Even with all the other animals, we still get nice werewolf TFs like this:

Behold, a gorilla newscaster!

More of Toppei getting wolfy:

Now we arrive at Volume 04, the last one. Werecats are given more attention here. Below is a catboy versus a tiger:

Another cat, this tuime reverting to human form:

I think this dude is a cat man too:

Here a werecat reverts and tries to escape from the villain:

Remember Toppei? Here's his last hurrah, a classic transformation under the full moon:

Lastly, we conclude with a werecat attacking a painter:

I lied--that's not all! Vampires was adapted into a live-action TV series in 1968. So, you ask, how did they pull off the werewolf transformations? Through a mixture of live action and animation! This has rarely been done for transformations, and you can see why in the following clip--the process is interesting, but the end result doesn't really work in live action. Disappointingly, the show reused this scene for all of Toppei's transformations, with only minor adjustments. So while Vampires the manga is a smorgasbord of transformations, Vampires the show is a bust.

Army of Darkness (Werewolf Transformations)

This comic was inspired by the cult film of the same title, starring antihero Ash Williams. In Volume 1, issue 10, Ash gets scratched by a werewolf and starts itching...

Luckily a cure is devised...

In volume 3, issue 20, Ash runs into another werewolf. This one reverts to human form, much to Ash's discomfort:

 The werewolf appears in several more issues. Here are two pages from issue 25 that show him transforming and reverting:

Twin Dolls: Legend of the Heavenly Beasts 2 (Monster Transformation)

Here's a quick monster transformation from a silly-looking old anime. Oh, and I didn't notice until now, but this monster has a rather large you-know-what. He also has dreadlocks and a unicorn horn, but I'm not sure why...

Outre Tombe (Werewolf Transformation)

Outre Tombe is a French comic. As you might guess from the title of the second volume (Loup y es-tu?), werewolves show up. Take a look at the guy staring at the moon in the top panels and watch him change...

Demonic Sex (Demon, Dog, Werewolf, and Pig Transformations)

Before we go any further, a warning--these links are NOT safe for work!

Demonic Sex is a remarkable adult comic that ran for only nine issues. Billed as a series of "Satanic Tales of Transformation and Possession," it was a fetishist's dream, a literal orgy of transformations. The links below take you to complete issues, but you can easily pick out the most exciting pages.

It all starts with a nice all-American boy accidentally hooking up with the devil and being corrupted and sent to hell, where he starts feeling a bit devilish...there's a second demon TF in the next issue, but it's minor.

In issue three we get back on track and witness a man being transformed into a demonic urine receptacle, followed by an S&M "dog" turning into a real hound.
Skipping forward a few issues, the fun resumes in issue 07 with another demon transformation, a werewolf metamorphosis, and two policemen who are genuine pigs.

Issue 08 features a dude turning into a horsey demon (followed by some extreme docking), while the literally shitty final issue goes out with a gangbang of four pig transformations! Alas, the comic seems to end there, with the protagonists stuck head-first up another pig's asshole. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Twink Wolf (Werewolf Transformations)

This link is definitely NSFW!  
Twink Wolf is, of course, an X-rated parody of Teen Wolf. The artist does a good job of capturing the look of  the show it parodies--when the werewolves in Teen Wolf transform they don't look very wolfy (they're more like vampires with sideburns)...

And now a rant about Teen Wolf: Back in its first season, the show's alpha werewolf looked like an honest-to-God werewolf, but after that we've only seen the boring, vampire-like beta design. Producer Jeff Davis says this is because of cost and because the actors are more recognizable with the more limited make-up. But a fully-transformed werewolf is a monster that shouldn't look human in the first place.
That's my main beef with Teen Wolf--it no longer seems interested in werewolves, not as beasts or monsters anyway. Instead, lycanthropy is just a superpower and often overshadowed by the lizardmen, kitsunes, druids and freaks. Even so, Teen Wolf is still the best supernaturally-themed show on television, and the writing is better than ever. I just wish that a show about werewolves would accentuate wolf as much as  were.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Finals (Monster Transformation)

Finals was a Vertigo comic miniseries from 1999. It's a satire of college life, including the obsessive focus on sports. The first issue opens with a jock bragging that monkey gland injections will make his team into super-strong athletes. He doesn't know how correct he is...

How come sports were never like thus at my college? I'd have watched every game...

The Transformation Art of Crinitus (Werewolf and Gorilla Transformations)

I normally wait until an artist has a full gallery before I feature him on this blog, but I'll make an exception for Crinitus, who has created three of the finest morphs I've seen from an amateur transformation artist. His characters are finely detailed yet morph with exquisite fluidity.
The three morphs are:
* a werewolf
* a reverting werewolf
* a gorilla (and I have to agree with Crinitus--there just aren't enough ape transformations out there!)
* a wereraven