Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's update time! 20 new items have been added below. Blogspot is being stupid and won't show them all on this page, so make sure to click "Older posts."

In case anyone's interested, I still haven't figured out the title of that Italian comic, though I've been given some promising leads. Thanks to those who wrote in!

And thanks to everyone for their patience. The last time I took a long absence I was just burnt out. This time I had a genuine excuse: lots of work and a writing assignment I owed somebody.
I now have more free time, and I'd like to eventually start weekly or bi-weekly updates, perhaps a month from now. Until then, enjoy!

HitoMoe Linkai (Cat, Snake, and Dog Transformations)

Thanks to Japan, we now have animal transformation hentai! HitoMoi Linkai contains over two-hundred pages of people turning into animals (or animals turning anthropomorphic) and getting it on. Most of the TFs involve females, but here are the dudes.
The scans are in Japanese and should be read right-to-left.

First, a man is seduced by a catwoman. Things get complicated when his wife arrives home:

Next, a man is swallowed by a snake and undergoes some non-digestive changes:

Here are two brief scenes of guys transforming after having made love to their dogs:

Finally, a look back with a brief recap TF:

The English version of this manga can be read here. Let's hope this is the beginning of a new sub-genre!

The Order: 1886 (Werewolf Transformations)

This video game has zombie-like werewolves as the villains. We've already discussed one of the transformation scenes, but there are two more, starting with this:

Here's the final transformation in the game.

I've cued it to the 2:18 mark. When you're done watching, go to the short reversion scene at 4:44!

Batman Adventures (Werewolf and Bat Transformations)

Issue 21 is a real monster mash. First the dastardly Dr. Dorian transforms Kirk Langstrom into Man-Bat!

Then we're reintroduced to everyone's favorite werewolf from Batman: The Animated Series, Anthony Romulus!

After leaving his island, Anthony enacts a scene from An American Werewolf in Gotham City:

In the end, the werewolf gets into a brawl with Man-Bat and Tygrus (the cat-man created by Dr. Dorian).

The building explodes and everyone dies, leaving readers to mourn what should have been a great orgy.  Remember beastmen, make love, not war...

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku (Werewolf Transformations)

This rather mindless-looking manga is mostly interesting for having werewolves as the big bad guys (they're tall, dark, and handsome). The following scans are in Japanese and NSFW.
From Volume 01:

Volume 02:

Coming of Rage (Werewolf Transformations)

This horror comic features a cute teenage werewolf. I've re-edited some of the scans, so keep that in mind if they look funny.
From issue 01:

From issue 02:

A short reversion scene:

Last of all, a little bonus--a Vampire/monster transformation with some nice muscle growth:

The Mask Animated Series (Age Progression)

Some unexpectedly decent onscreen age progression, courtesy of this cash-in animated series. The episode is titled "Little Big Mask." Though the age regression is offscreen, we get to see a baby turn back into a man. The video should be cued.

Bravest Warriors (Werewolf Transformation)

In issue 11 we're treated to a touching display of filial devotion:

Healthy werewolves eat meat, not veggies...

The Ravagers (Various Transformations)

The Ravagers was a short-lived DC comic that featured Beast Boy, formerly a member of the Teen Titans. He can transform into any animal, but his transformations are usually too quick to bother with. A few exceptions are found here.
In Issue #0 we're treated to Beast Boy's revised origin story, which involves him being experimented on while wearing a speedo:

As you can see, the results leave him hairy even as a human. I approve!

Later he's in a gladiator ring and morphs into a tiger:

He morphs back naked, which is the only reason why I've included this pic:

In issue 03 he morphs into a wolf and back:

Then he has some fun as a lizard and an ape:

Finally, a nice splash page from issue 04. I like the easily-torn uniform...

The rest of the series was a disappointment. No discussion of Beast Boy is complete without mention of his finest transformation, which occurred in the Teen Titans cartoon. In the episode "The Beast Within" he turns into a big ape-werewolf monster--witness his first and second transformations, courtesy of Shadowlord Inc.

Silver (Werewolf Transformation)

Silver is an anime-style webcomic set in the American old west. The hero is a werewolf and his transformation begins here.

Hulk Videos (Monster/Muscle Growth Transformations)

Here are three animated films I found around the web. All of them show Bruce Banner Hulking out:

The second video doesn't allow embedding, but you can watch it here.

The third video is cued:

Captain Midnight (Werewolf Transformation)

In issue 16 Captain Midnight turns into a werewolf off-panel. Fortunately we at least see his friend begin the transformation. The "flying werewolf" is the captain.

Since this is a fantasy sequence that ends abruptly, we don't get to see what happens next. 

Superior Iron Man (Monster Transformation)

Issue 5 is origin story of the "Teen Abomination." Unusually, the transformation is shown twice--on the cover and inside.
I prefer the cover:

The second TF is less direct:

Spectacular Spider-Man (Spider Transformation)

I'm not a Marvel fan, but I love it when Spider-Man turns into a Man-Spider. Unfortunately, that happen rarely (though it's happened twice in the cartoons). In Spectacular Spider-Man 17-20 the transformation gradually happens over the course of four issues.
Here's the start:

Next issue:

Looking good!

Spider-Man encounters the Queen, an insect-human hybrid who had kissed him earlier and triggered his mutation. The Queen is on the hunt for a "husband" and likes what she sees:

The Queen carrys him off. Sadly, we don't see Spider-Man's transformation into this:

Agreed, he's twice as pretty!
Now for the final issue:

The Queen spends some quality time with her new husband, until he gets sick:

The spider  collapses and is pronounced dead. Then this happens:

Yes, he can now shoot spider jizz webs from his hands! Congratulations, but you were prettier with eight eyes. As far as I know, this was the last comic where Spidey got in touch with his inner arachnid. If you know of another one published in the last decade, drop me a line.