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Hemlock Grove (Werewolf Transformation)

 Update time! To be honest, I didn't get to upload everything I planned for this update, but I plan on making a few short updates later this month (expect lots of comics!). In the meantime, enjoy the new material, much of which was sent in or suggested by readers.

We begin with Hemlock Grove--the first episode of the third (and final) season has yet another skin-ripping transformation. I've already made clear that I'm not fond of that method of metamorphosis (by over-emphasizing gore it skimps on the rest of the process) but I know some folks would like to see it. Keep in mind that the special effects budget seems to decreased this season, so this TF is not as convincing as the show's first (which can be seen, along with the later TF scenes, at Dutchbull's site).

On a related note, our friend Ogrebear came across this Brazilian video made for Hemlock Grove's promotional campaign. It's supposed to be prank video, though I bet the bystanders were really actors.

Gladiators of Rome (Minotaur Transformation)

Thanks to the anonymous reader who suggested this 2012 Italian animated feature, which has a surprisingly well-done and dynamic Minotaur transformation (especially for a computer animated film--characters are usually stiffer than in 2D cartoons).

Werewolf Roundup (Werewolf Transformations)

Some howlingly good lycanthropic discoveries from Daymon:

Link (from the Legend of Zelda) has turned into a wolf/werewolf a couple of times, but his most memorable transformation is from the manga of a Link to the Past.

Lycanthrope Leo was one of the first modern manga to be translated for American audiences. Technically Leo is a were-lion, but he's easily mistaken for a werewolf, and hey, he is a lycanthrope. His first metamorphosis starts here.

More manga, with a proper werewolf this time, from Ch. 21 of Cat Paradise.

From the 1987 anthology cartoon The Comic Strip, here's episode 3 of Mini-Monsters, "Adventures at Camp Mini-Mon." The wolfman character is permanently transformed, but during the full moon he gets a bit wolfier.

A fake commercial, titled "Side Effects." The shift happens 30 seconds through.

A transformation from the manga Battle Angel Alita (Vol. 02. Ch. 01).

For Halloween the pug from the Men in Black animated series (season 2, episode 6) transforms into a werewolf (technically that makes him a dogwolf, except the werewolf is anthropoid--forget about the terminology).

Thanks again Daymon! 

Here are two last last items--a short animated film on Vimeo (the transformation is at the 0:20 mark) and a neat little wolfman gif.

Panic at the Disco: "Emperor's New Clothes" (Demon Transformation)

Thanks to the anonymous reader who suggested featuring this music video and wrote "the whole video is basically an artsy demon transformation." Indeed, and the make-up is pretty impressive.

If you want to skip to the TF, that starts at the 47 second mark.

Transformation Round-Up (Various Transformations)

All of the following transformations were discovered by Daymon, our resident TF sleuth-hound.

A gnarly lion-monster transformation from the anime Flame of Recca (episode 24). The character gets even more monstery in the next episode.

A caveman TF from Totally Spies (Season 3, Episode 23: "Head Shrinker Much?").

Here's a cartoon I remember from growing up in the 80s: Tiger Sharks, which ran as part of an anthology program called the Comic Strip. The characters were humans who could turn into marine animal hybrids. In this clip from the first episode you see Walro going walrus, and then, after a few seconds, Mako becoming a man-shark. In the next episode, Lorca turns into--well, you can guess from the name.

From the first episode of another 80s show, Galaxy High School, a bulldog turns into a two-legged dog-man.

In episode 24 of The Men in Black cartoon, Agent K turns into a well-muscled rock humanoid at the 6:05 mark.

More for the muscle-growth fans: a bulking-up from the film Heavy Metal.

And one more treat for muscle-growth fans--a scene from the 2006 cartoon Biker Mice From Mars (Season 4, episode 3; "The British Invasion"), wherein mouse-man Stoker transforms into a feral rat-like monster when exposed to sunlight. The scene begins at 1:06 and continues past the opening credits, with a reversion at 11:08.

A humanoid-dragon morph from the manga Kajika by Akira Toriyama.

A dinosaurian TF from the manga Animal X (Vol.01 Ch.02 "Aragami no Ichizoku").

No update would be complete without a NSFW entry, and this one is from a doujinshi called Saimin Sennouen, which has two transformation scenes. In the first (starting here) a man has a bear mask placed on his head, which transforms him into a metaphorical bear and then a literal one. In the other story, a guy is turned into a Minotaur/bull (the artwork's by Nojo).

Daymon was also curious if anyone knew the source anime of a certain muscle-growth gif.

If you enjoyed these clips and scans (you'd be crazy if you didn't!) please thank Daymon!

Ferals (Werewolf Transformations)

I gave up on this comic after finding no transformations in the first several several issues, but Far23 persisted and sent me these pages from the final issues (17-18). The scans are in Spanish.

Thank you Far23!

One Punch Man (Monster/Muscle Growth Transformations)

Thanks to Daymon for suggesting the first episode of this anime parody of the superhero genre.
The clip below should explain itself:

ワンパンマン 01話 - One Punch Man Ep01 EngSub HD Full... by theanh_thql When you're done watching, rewind to the 2:34 mark to see more monstrous muscle-growth, this time from "Vaccine Man."

Rick and Morty (Monster/Muscle-Growth Transformation)

 Thanks to Jesse for suggesting this scene and to Serpentstooth for locating the video. It's from season 2, episode 10. Trying to put it in context would just be futile, so enjoy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Update postponed

 EDIT: Thanks for all your supportive comments. The update is set for 9am (pst) Nov. 7!

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but you're probably used to it by now...
I'd hoped to update the blog before Halloween, but that's not going to happen. I've been under the weather for the past few days and later this week I have to attend an out-of-state wedding (not my own, don't worry). So the update won't happen until after the first weekend of November. It would have been nice to have it on Halloween, but I suspect there will be more material if I wait another week. In the meantime, keep in mind that Dutchbull has scheduled an update for Oct. 31.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Update

It's update time! Apologies for my absence. I know I promised two updates in September, but this will be the only one. However, it consists of 15 entries, which is a bit more than usual. This will also be the last update until late October, since I'm taking a vacation overseas next week. While I'm gone, make sure to check out Dutchbull's site, which updates Oct. 1, and Shadowlord Inc., which has just updated.

For this update I'd like to thank all the readers who sent their suggestions, especially Daymon. I ran out of time and had to postpone a few posts (including one on Doraemon) , but I think you'll agree that this update has plenty of good stuff!

Note: this post originally contained a video from an anime titled Call Me Tonight. However, the video was taken down by Dailymotion, and then Daymon informed me that Dragoniade had long ago uploaded the video to Shadowlord Inc under the title Pink Noise. So I urge you to watch that version instead and forget about my abortive effort. My apologies!

Klaw (Tiger, chicken, horse, goat, dog, bull, and pig transformations)

Klaw is a French comic drawn in a semi-manga style. It's the story of a teenager who finds out he can change into a tiger-man.
Let's start with the first tiger transformation, from Vol. 01. It's a bit underwhelming, but read onward:

Here's a better TF scene:

The next page shows the hero testing his powers:

Now we move on to Vol. 02. Here's a scene of the hero and his mentor reverting and transforming into their tiger forms:

Another short tiger TF:

Later we meet an elderly Asian man who can change into chicken dude:

In Vol. 03 the hero stumbles upon a dying friend and reverts to human form:

Then he absorbs his friend's goat transformation powers:

A partial tiger TF:

Followed by a tiger-horse-goat!

 Later on, our costumed hero goes from anthro-goat form to full horse:

 The next pic is only for foot and hoof fetishists!

 Let's move on to Vol. 04. Here's a classic tiger transformation:

Followed by a sudden pig TF:

Then we get a horse TF and reversion:

Our last scans come from Vol. 05. Here's a guy turning into a dog-man:

And here's a gangster becoming a bull:

The scans from Vol. 04 and 05 were from different sources and had to be reassembled by me, so forgive their choppiness.
Last but not least, if you're intrigued by this comic, Vol. 01 will be translated into English next year, so keep an eye out for tiger-men in a comic shop near you!

The Art of Ferchoburton (Various Transformations)

Ferchoburton is one of my favorite new transformation artists. His specialty is photo-manipulation, which is notoriously tricky, and his recent photomanips are among the finest I've seen, thanks to the smooth and detailed morphing, which is most evident in the natural-looking snouts and claws. Lately he's been expanded his range of species with continually impressive results. Ferchoburton is his own model as well, and his expressions and poses demonstrate are vividly dramatic. You'll need a Furaffinity account to view his gallery, but that's free and easy to obtain.

While looking at his gallery, take note of his most recent werewolf pics. They're the result of a trade with yours truly. In exchange for them I'm writing Ferchoburton a transformation story--the first draft is done, and I'll start revising it after I finish this update!

Zombillenium V.3 (Demon Transformation)

This is a follow-up to my earlier post about Zombillenium, a French comic (bande dessinée).
The Zombillenium is a theme-park populated and run by supernatural creatures. As you might remember, in Volume One a human named Aurélien was transformed into a demon and joined the park's staff. There were no transformation scenes in the second volume, but the third makes up for that. Note: these scans are in Polish.
First the demon tf:

The next page is a reversion scene:

Several pages later, Aurélien gets upset: 

 That panicky werewolf is rather cute...

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (Monster Transformations)

 Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (2005-6) is part of the long-running Guyver franchise, which encompasses the source manga, an earlier anime, and a couple of live-action films. They all involve people getting turned into freaky animalistic monsters called "zoanoids."
Daymon suggested this series and volunteered to go through it for TF scenes. He came back with a truckload of material, and I can't thank him enough for his time and effort. Please give him a hand for this Herculean effort.

I decided to provide cued links to the episodes, rather than embedding them, because blogspot and youtube often mess up time cues if you embed the same video multiple times at different cues. Anyway, on with the show!

The first transformation from the first episode. Another TF occurs just a few seconds later.

The second episode has several people turning into bat-like beasts:
* Scene One
* Scene Two
* Scene Three

These are followed by transformations from:
* the third episode

* the fourth episode

* the fifth episode (the camera starts whirling around during the tf)

* the sixth episode 

* the ninth episode 

* the tenth episode

* the eleventh episode

Episode 13 splits its transformation scene. Here are the first and the second parts.

Episode 14 gives us a "zoalord" transformation while episode 16 has another moth-monster TF.

In episode 17 we get a quick tf followed by a scene of townspeople being transformed.

There's another quick TF in episode 21, and in episode 17 we see the Prime Minister transforming on TV, followed by stills of people transforming all over the world, and then a scene in the White House.
We close with the final TF, from episode 25. 

Thanks again Daymon!

Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend (Fox Transformation)

Mythic Warriors was a Saturday morning cartoon retelling of Greek myths bowdlerized for children. Daymon suggested posting a scene from episode 8, "Odysseus and Circe." As everyone familiar with The Odyssey know, Circe is the enchantress who transformed Odysseus's sailors into pigs. This cartoon adds something new to Homer: Circe partially transforms Odysseus into a fox (presumably because Odysseus has the craftiness of one):

There's also a quick reversion scene of the sailors turning from pigs to humans. 

Wounded (Werewolf Transformation)

Wounded is a handsome and well-made short film about a raid gone wrong and a suspect gone lycanthopic. Subtle use is made of the limited-budget special effects.