Monday, May 23, 2016

Dailymotion Videos Still Working--Click on the Links

As you may have noticed, the videos we've embedded from Dailymotion aren't displaying on the blog. I don't know why this is happening, but the videos are still up and can still be watched--just click on the link underneath the embed. If anyone knows the reason for this technical glitch, feel free to comment. I suspect blogspot's security settings and dailymotion's embed code are not getting along...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Justice League vs. Teen Titans (Bear, Tiger, and Demon Transformations)

Update time! Thank you all for your patience and for your suggestions, which we're still getting around to/ In the meantime, enjoy the ten items in this update. Our thanks to Aaron S. for suggesting the first clip, which Daymon has tracked down. 

Co-Editor Daymon here with a montage of Beast Boy's transformation in the Justice League vs Teen Titans movie. The last transformation in the film shows our heroes going to Hell, which Beast Boy has a peculiar reaction to. I think that most of the transformations are alright but my main complaint is how Beast Boy looks and acts in the film. I was really hoping that he would look like his red, fanged, clawed, and hirsute incarnation. Oh well, Hope you all enjoy it:

Beast Boy Transformation Montage by kumaguma1

Freaks of Nature (Werewolf Transformation)

This 2015 film seems to have gone straight to video. The plot involves aliens, vampires, and zombies, and toward the end the hero discovers he's a werewolf. Unfortunately, the transformation is short and the wolfman make-up is goofy-looking. Oh well!

The clip begins with the hero getting into a fight with a vampire:

Werewolf Transformation 6 by blackjack60

Bungou Stray Dogs (Tiger Transformation and Reversion)

Daymon here with a new scene from first episode of Bungou Stray Dogs, where the main character transforms into a tiger and after a small bout changes back. Our thanks to Monian Flashest for suggesting this episode.

Dylan Dog (Werewolf Transformations)

Dylan Dog is one of the most popular comics in Italy--during my recent vacation there I found it in every newsstand. The series is concerned with all things supernatural, so werewolves have showed up a couple times.
We'll begin with issue 3, from 1986. The English title is "Nights of the Moon." You may have seen the first image online before:

Later on Dylan is taken to meet several werewolves who are about to change:

Now we move on to issue 72, "L'Ultimo Plenilunio." First is a reversion scene, ending with a glimpse of the werewolf's human form:

And now his transformation:

Captain America (Werewolf Transformations)

Werewolves have appeared at least twice in Captain America, first in issue 164 from 1973.

The Captain's sidekick Falcon (aka Steve Wilson) gets captured by the villainess Nightshade and is injected with werewolf serum:

As you can see, he's more of a hairy hulk than a wolf monster, but I'm not complaining. Later on he reverts back to his old self:

The Captain's next run-in with werewolves occurred in 1992 and became notorious. Take a look at the cover of issue 405:

Once again, there's a villainess with a werewolf serum:

Fleeing from the hypnotic gaze of the villain, Capwolf runs outside, so the villains create more werewolves to catch him. I like that kind of logic:

Incidentally, an issue earlier the villains tried the werewolf serum on Wolverine, but it didn't work:

In issues 406 and 407, the main villain, called Druid, undergoes a very silly transformation of his own:

The baddie is of course defeated, but in order to keep up the craziness, Captain America's reversion to humanity is interrupted by the arrival of his evil clone!

You can see why "Capwolf" remains one of the most infamous comics of the 1990s. The plot and dialogue are sheer corn and Capwolf looks like an anthromorphic Golden Retriever. The whole thing was so terrible that people grew to like it. So in 2015 Capwolf was revived for the second Spider Island miniseries.

Like the first miniseries, the premise is that Manhattan's inhabitants have become mindless spider-people. In Spider Island 1, we first encounter see Jack Russell, aka Werewolf By Night, go from man-spider drone to werewolf:

In werewolf form he is no longer mind-controlled, which gives the normal heroes the idea of transforming Captain America and the Hulk (who've both been spiderized).

This wasn't the last of Capwolf either. Earlier this year, the Captain, who is now Steve Wilson, transformed yet again. Unfortunately, the story didn't have any transformation scenes and was played for smarmy laughs. But if you're curious you can read it here.

NOS Energy Drink Commercial (Age Regression)

Apparently drinking this stuff will turn a battered old geezer into a gorgeous young stud. Have any readers had similar luck with this product?

NOS® Energy Drink Commercial - You Only Live NOS -30 from Cindy & Lyle on Vimeo.

Spider Island (Spider Transformations)

Spider Island was a Marvel comics crossover that primarily ran in the Spider-Man titles. The premise involved the residents of Manhattan developing the same powers as Spider-Man. Their excitement proved short-lived when shortly afterward began turning into man-spiders. Almost everyone in Manhattan was afflicted by the transformation.

The fun really starts in Cloak & Dagger, issue 2. Dagger is busy studying political science with her friend Patrick when he begins feeling weird...

We move on to Amazing Spider-Man 670, which shows Spidey's boss J. Jonah Jameson succumbing to spiderhood:

In Heroes For Hire issue 1, we see a minor-league hero named Paladin mutate throughout the comic:

Lastly, we witness the transformation and reversion of Shang-Chi, star of The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. The first three images are from issue 2; the rest are from #3. The images are taken from various parts of the story, so they will feel disjointed. To avoid confusion, I should also point out that in several images, Shang-Chi is fighting a villain who has the bottom half of spider.