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Tokyo Grand Guignol (Werewolf Transformation)

This is a treat. My thanks to Markus for putting in the time and effort (and money) to track down Tokyo Grand Guignol, a French-made anthology of short films set in Tokyo. The final story, "Good Boy," was prominently featured in the film's trailer and quickly achieved notoriety for a scene involving a werewolf penis. That's right, werewolf penis. Have I got your attention? Well, now we have the complete scene.

Quick synopsis: a lowlife defaces a statue of Hachikō, Japan's most loyal dog, and is punished by being transformed into a sort of dog--or more accurately, a werewolf in S&M gear--who learns to be the loyal pet of a prostitute. In the video below, I've bracketed the transformation with an earlier scene (so you can see the character's human face) and some footage from later on:

In case you wanted to see more of the scene with the you-know-what, Markus has made a video with slow-motion in exactly the right place:

I am 99.99%  sure that Tokyo Grand Guignol is the first movie to seriously show a werewolf's penis transform. Sure, Wolf Cop had a superficially similar scene, but it was played for laughs and the anatomy was neither human nor canine. Tokyo Grand Guignol realistically depicts a human penis shifting into a canine sheath, topped with a pointed tip. For obvious reasons filmmakers have shied away from showing a werewolf's genitals change, but this is unfortunate because even from a non-prurient, non-sexual standpoint the shift from a human to canine phallus is visually interesting, since the two are so different. So hats off to the gutsy folks behind Tokyo Grand Guignol, and let's hope more independent filmmakers follow their example. And please join me in thanking Markus for finding this elusive film and making it available to TF fans with adventurous tastes.

Futurama (Yeti transformation)

By Daymon.
Enjoy this clip from Futurama, wherein Professor Farnsworth gets transformed (and then further transformed) by yeti venom:

Tekken 5 (Demon Transformation)

Daymon here, with a transformation suggested by Gianluca from Tekken 5--Devil Jin's ending:

Adventure Time (Monster Transformation)

This is Daymon, bringing you a transformation from the Adventure Time episode "Five Short Tables." Marshall Lee (a gender-swapped version of Marceline) tries to convince Lumpy Space Prince to take a potion by scaring him with a monster TF. There's also a reversion at 1:18:

Extinct (Werewolf Transformation)

By Daymon

Here are several werewolf transformation from a comic that is no longer in distribution called Extinct. We begin with a teacher supervising detention of the three protagonists:

Another brief TF, of a father and son transforming together while killing various folks:

Lastly, a partial TF by some basketball players:

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Evolutionary Transformation)

By Daymon 

In episode 21 of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest an alien evolves an ape to a more human form:

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - 1x21 (21... by Yu-Gi-Oh-the-offical

All-New X-Men (Demon Transformation)

Co-Editor Daymon here with a transformation from All-New X-Men #16. Beast (seen here in human form) turns into a demonic creature through the use of magic:

TF Video Roundup, with Fixed Links (Tiger, Aswang, Werewolf, Shapeshifter Transformations)

Daymon here with a werewolf transformation by Studio M Produções, found on Youtube. It can't be embedded but you can watch it here.

I've also started fixing some dead links. This blog has been operating for nine years, and as you might expect, many older video links are inoperative. Over the summer we'll be fixing as many as possible. I've started with two below:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Racoon Monster/Muscle Growth Transformation)
Static Shock (Werewolf Transformation)
Fairy Tail 2014 (Jackal Transformation)

The rest of this post is from Apuleius...
Here is an Aswang transformation recommended by Ian R, which has a making-of segment at the end:

Aswang Transformation / FX breakdown - DarkFx demo from DarkFX, Inc. on Vimeo.

Ian also found a skin-ripping animation of a werewolf on the Chinese video site Youku. You might have to right-click on the video to start it, especially if you're using Chrome (if you still have trouble, go here):

Afterward I found a Tiger TF animation on that site (if the embed doesn't work, go here):

Ian also recommended a shapeshifting transformation from the TV series Supernatural (Season 1, Episode 6, “Skin”). As he explains, "It features an antagonist called shapeshifter or shifters for short, a race of supernatural creatures who can take the form of any human being.  Shapeshifters can take on a living or dead person's physical appearance by shedding their skin. The transformation features the shapeshifter who already shapeshifted into one of the main protagontists, “Dean Winchester,” (Jensen Ross Ackles) and goes through another painful process of shapeshifting":

Ian adds "there’s also the Japanese-animated remake (anime) version of this transformation; Supernatural: The Anime Series Season 1 Episode 1 'The Alter Ego'":

Urgent Transformation Crisis (Snake, Jackal, Gorilla, and Lynx transformations)

By Daymon

As you can guess from the title, animal transformations abound in this webcomic. I've found several:

Snake: XCIII
Jackal: CII
Gorilla: CCXVIII
Cheetah: CLXXV
Anthro Flying Squirrel to Feral form: CLXXXVII

Artist Round-Up (Orc, Werewolf, Centaur, Demon, Gorilla, Ogre, Lion, Bear, Deer, Tanuki, Bull, Imp and Giant, Muscle Growth)

By Daymon 

Time for another look at what TF artists all over the web have been up to!

* We'll begin with suggestions from readers. Lamarcodon recommends a trippy Whale-Aquarium TF (which is out of sequence).

* And Aaron S. recommends eight gifs found on deviantart:
Bigby Wolf Transformation
Werewolf Transformation
Wolf Change
New Fur Coat
Human Face to Avian Animation Attempt
Dragon TF Animation
A Wolfish Transformation

* While on the lycanthropic theme, here are two twitter finds: an anthro triptych and a feral animation.

* Moving on to sections on specific artists, let's start with some growth-themed works from Troubled, all NSFW:
Comic Stuff from 2016-2017
Midnight Milk
Fuscus Comic

* From Blazingcheeks: his orc-themed acardia comic and "day 3 of the werewolf siege," purportedly a scene from a certain video game (both NSFW).

* Three comics commissioned by dariuswhitefur:
Loophole and Cloak of the Full Moon by Amber-Aria
Supplement (NSFW, FurAffinity account needed to view) by LoboLeo

* A one-page NSFW comic from Guffaw: Centaur Transformation

Werewolf Bite, a NSFW comic (FA account needed to view) from thewielder or Forge

* The muscle growth comic Reading is Magic, by Tanngrisnir

* Muscle growth animation from timmichan, called FLEX!

* A new transformation artist: Meaninglez, who draws and writes are about Orcs and other brutish monsters. He has also written some interesting stories, such as his King of Flesh series, in addition to following artwork:
Spoutskin Brotherhood Ceremony: 1, 2, 3, 4
Coby McGee's Amazing Elixir

Now his NSFW works (FA account needed to view):
Darwin's Delight
New Kicks
Primal Power
Boots of Ogre Strength

* Our next new artist is wickeren, with some NSFW sequences for your perusal. Here is a list of his works (viewable with an FA account):
Wick (Lion)
Wick2 (Dragon Lion)
Darkburr (Feral Polar Bear)
daze-snow-leopard (Deer)
forepawz (Raccoon Dog, aka Tanuki)
Shanghailion (Bull)
Ingri (Imp)

* New artist #3 is Novra, who draws lots of muscle growth and macro, especially with his were-cat character. Here is a list of some of his works, most are SFW expect the last three:
"Growth Sequence Commission that includes myself"
Novra Were-growth
More giga buff stuff Otterstars-commission
Cleaned hyper-growth sketches
Bobertottah massive growing Novra

* Littlewolf12 uses commissioned art to accompany his stories, which feature animal transformations, gender swapping (mostly female to male), and other themes. Here is the list of his work (all NSFW, FA account needed to view):
Leo's Moon and Power Comes with a Price (commissioned from aggro_badger)
Gorilla Protein (commissioned from Arania)
Accident or Gift Read the Quest Text pt-1&2, and  Read the Quest Text pt-3&4  (commissioned from kuma)
Time of the Month, Touched Down, A King's Blessing, Quest Failed, Quest Reward, A New role in the Tribe, and Finding the Perfect Match (commissioned from rackun)
Queen to King, Night of the Were-Coach, "Ape"tastic Results (commissioned from fasttrack37d)
Stop Monkeying Around, Beastly Desires, and Lion King "Special" Edition  (commissioned from wfa)
Mayor Hopps (commissioned from uniparasite)
Beware Online Quizzes (commissioned from blacktigerr)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Update Time and Growing Pains (Werewolf Transformation)

Time for the June update! My apologies for having kept everyone waiting. To be honest, it has gotten harder for me to find material that makes the grade, but fortunately Daymon and many of our readers have stepped up to keep the blog running. And speaking of updates, I should note that Shadowlord Inc. has just updated too. As for this site, we have 10 new items, which we hope you will enjoy. After this update, I will begin work on replacing dead links in older posts (there are a shocking amount!). But for now, on with the update:

Readers have heard me rave twice about Growing Pains, the Danish animated short about a teenaged boy who turns into a werewolf whenever he gets aroused. The film has been available for rental and I've encouraged folks to view it that way, but recently Daymon and I discovered it's been freely available on Vimeo for two years. The upload looks like it was done by someone affiliated with the film and it's been online for a while, so we assume it's legitimate. Here is the link (it can't be embedded because of its privacy settings). The transformations occur at the 4:21, 11:17, 13:08, and 17:15.

As I wrote a few years ago, Growing Pains "is funny, unsettling, kinky, and has something valuable to say about the harm of sexual repression and the need to release one's inner beast. Werewolves have often been seen as metaphors for out-of-control sexual urges, puberty, and even erections (after all, in transformation scenes the body grows like a monstrous penis). Many werewolf films have tried to make use of those metaphors--Growing Pains is the first to successfully employ all of them."
If you enjoy the film, consider giving some money to its makers by renting it too.

Comic and Video Roundup (Werewolf, Muscle Growth, Monster, Ape, Demon, Goat Transformations)

Daymon here, bringing you a cornucopia of comics and a selection of short videos.
We begin with a suggestion by Samuel, a werewolf transformation from the webcomic Dillion and Richmond, found here.

His next suggestion is from the Bubba the Redneck Werewolf comic:

The remainder of this post is from Apuleius...
* Here is a suggestion from Mr Anonymo--a muscle-growth manga called Doukyuusei no Maccho-kun, which has three clothes-bursting scenes in:
Chapter 01 (keep reading to page 29)
Chapter 02 (keep reading to page 24)
Chapter 03 (keep reading to page 6)

* Some DC Comics recommendations from I'm Da Flashes:
A monster-to-human reversion scene from Just Imagine: Stan Lee's Shazam! And another.
Aquaman #20 also has a monster-to-human reversion.
An ape-to-human scene from Legends Of The DC Universe #19

* Remember that Hulk-out Animation from the Hulk ride at Universal Studios? The transformations were impressive but scrambled--now Sinistro has re-edited them in chronological order. Take a look.

* Ian R. suggested this extended/deleted scene transformation from Amazing Spiderman 2, which features Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) in a longer, more grotesque Green Goblin transformation:

* Aaron S. suggests this short TF from episode 2 of Hunter x Hunter (2011), of a mimic creature reverting to a beast from its fake human form.

* Here's a Spanish-language blog of Body-Swap Manga.

* The last item is something of a bonus. I held off on posting it, because most of the multi-stage transformation takes place off-screen but several people have recommended it, so I've given in. "The Secret of Goat" involves a gradual TF into the title animal. The stages are seen at the following times:
8:14 -- hair on neck
9:24-9:30 -- tail, hairy palms
10:24 -- first bleat
11:10 -- horns, snout

The Secret of Goat from Park Bench on Vimeo.

Namwolf (Werewolf Transformation)

Werewolves in Vietnam! Will the dog soldiers triumph over the Cong?
From issue 01, a young recruit realizes he's not like other soldiers:

He transforms again in issue 02:

A full-body look at the beast:

The Skinner Boys (Age Regression)

I'm not sure why, but age regression has been a rare topic on this blog. This scene is from an Australian cartoon (season 1, episode 11), and shows the villain regressing to childhood:

There are several transformation scenes in season 2, but all have been disappointing so far (it's rare to find decent TFs in flash animation). There's a werewolf episode coming up, but I'm not optimistic.

Werewolf Video Roundup (Werewolf Transformations)

I hereby present a four-piece assortment of lycanthropic bon-bons...

* Ian R. recommends the following scene, which has some gory skin-ripping:

* From the 40,000th reboot of Ben10, here's a clip from episode 15, "The Beast Inside." Supervillain Dr. Amino turns into wolf with tentacles (you heard me). Sadly, no muzzle growth shown:

Ben 10 2016 Episode 29 - The Beast Inside by HalobiumGMS

* Here's a quick werewolf TF from The Regular Show episode "Terror Tales of The Park V":

We conclude with an old favorite from Urusei Yatsura OVA 7, wherein jerk protagonist Ataru, having become a wolfman offscreen, shifts into a plain wolf. I have weakness for feral transformations, and I love Ataru's dopey panicked expression when his pants fall down from his new hips...

Kibakichi [Norisaki Wolfman Kiva Yoshi] (Werewolf Transformation)

Many readers of this blog are familiar with Kibakichi, the film about the wandering samurai werewolf. So take a look at this cover:

Is this the manga of Kibakichi? Looks like it, but I'm not dead sure, since the title (無宿狼人キバ吉) actually translates to Norisaki Wolfman Kiva Yoshi. In any case, the comic is exactly like the film--our hero wanders around defeating yokai, and when he gets really pissed he transforms into a werewolf:

In case you're wondering if his clothes survived the transformation:

A quick TF:

Sadly, only one volume was produced, back in 2004. Why can't someone bring back this character? I would definitely buy a manga about a samurai werewolf. The proof is that I bought this one--the scans are my own.