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Underworld Blood Wars (Werewolf Transformations)

The latest entry in the franchise gives us the usual mix of quick werewolf metamorphoses and one novelty. This clips collects them all. We start with some werewolves ambushing the heroine, followed by one attacking another vampire. Afterward the head werewolf transforms while falling from a cliff--when he hits the ground he transforms yet again, into a more humanoid form. Last comes a mass TF scene and more of the humanoid-lycan.
The image quality of this clip didn't come out well on youtube, but I hope it's not too bad.

Doraemon (Demon, Horse, Wolf, Werewolf, Rat, Bull Transformations)

This cartoon is massively popular in Asia--so popular that thousands of episodes have been made. Some storylines from the original manga have been adapted multiple times--one example is "The Wolf Family." There are three versions--the last is the best, but let's start with the first one (episode 12, which aired in 1979). Doraemon (the superpowered robot cat) points a flashlight at Nobita (the boy who owns him), which turns Nobita into a wolf:

大山版ドラえもん - 第12話 - オオカミ一家 by lillamonaldo
Make sure to watch the a reversion scene afterward!

The second version of "The Wolf Family" is episode 809 (date unknown). I edited this video, which includes the reversion:

The last and best version is episode 158 from the 2005 reboot. This video includes a werewolf transformation Nobita sees on TV:

Going back to the 1979 series, here's a werewolf from episode 97:

大山版ドラえもん - 第97話 - おおかみ男クリーム by lillamonaldo

This story was re-adapted in episode 1373, and the werewolf was retained:

大山版ドラえもん 第1373話 ママはオオカミ男!? by kokugan

Ditto for the episode 53 of the 2005 show:

Doraemon (English Dub) 021 Werewolf Cream... by WildKrattsEpisodes

As for other creatures, here's a demon transformation from the Doraemon movie Journey to the West:

ドラえもん 映画 1988 のび太のパラレル西遊記 by Isabelclaudine4439

In episode 189 of the newer series, Nobita turns into a horse:

ドラえもん Doraemon Ep 223 : 大氷山の小さな家 - 変身、変身... by drakrai9112

Episode 191 of the 2005 series has every human in Japan being turned into a rat (or mouse?). Start watching here for ear and tail growth, here for brief fur growth, and here for further facial TF.

Lastly, in episode 1476 one of Nobita's friends undergoes a quick bull TF.

I'm still trying to track down two episodes that might have transformations in them:
# 435 "I want to be a dog"「いぬになりたい」and # 1415 "Dog Nobita Nobi" 「のび犬のび太」
Any assistance finding these will be greatly appreciated.

Supergirl (Parasite/Monster Transformation)

My thanks to I'm Da FlasHes for recommending the following clip.

Episode 6 of Supergirl (season 2) introduces a classic Superman villain: Parasite.

Parasite/Monster Transformation by blackjack60

Khoonkhar: SuperCops Vs Supervillains (Werewolf Transformations)

The first episode of this supernatural fantasy romance series gives us two werewolves. Indian TV has notoriously bad special effects, but these are relatively above average:

Werewolf Transformation 19 by blackjack60

Chico Bento Moço (Werewolf Transformation)

In issue 36 of this popular Brazilian comic, the town is terrorized by a rampaging werewolf (lobisomem in Portuguese). The hero (the titular Chico) attempts to capture the beast but doesn't realize the werewolf is...himself!

Three French Comics (Werewolf and Chicken Transformations)

Here's an assortment of French comics that feature werewolves.
01. Pierre Tombal #20,  Morts de rire:

02. Mélusine #01, Sortilèges:

 In Mélusine #02 (Le Bal Des Vampires) we see a frog transformed into a chicken:

03. We conclude with book 3 of Le bois des vierges (book 02 was covered in an earlier post):

Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland (Werewolf Transformations)

We begin with Bigby Wolf (who has lycanthropic powers) wandering near a strange town:

Next comes a World War II-era flashback of Bigby defeating some Nazis:

Back to the present day--turns out that strange town was full of werewolf folk:

Transformation Round-Up (Giant Growth, Monster, Dragon, Alien, and Pig transformations)

Daymon here, with a selection of various transformation videos for you. The first is a short animation, "Boy to Monster."
Next is an animated pig transformation from keweyroo. Here is the flash version and the GIF version.

The following two clips come from Asymmetric VFX Studio -- I don't know what from movies they were made for:


Here is a dragon transformation from tr621, which can be viewed at Furaffinity or on YouTube:

An animation from Canstopgrowing, called "My Little Kaiju," is viewable in low-quality  and high.

Finally, Aaron S. informs us of a brief muscle growth scene in Dragon Ball Super, episode 73, involving a bank robber who becomes host for an alien that powers him up.

Empire of the Wolf (Werewolf Transformations)

I have edited together various panels from the pages of this graphic novel, which is set in the Roman Empire during the reign of Nero. A soldier gets captured by barbarians and turned into a werewolf:

A partial transformation:

Back in Rome, the soldier fights in the Coliseum and attacks the Emperor, who's also a werewolf: 

Our hero briefly stops to slay a partially-transformed centurion before transforming fully and going back to fight Nero:

Werewolf Transformation Round-Up (Werewolf transformations)

Brought to you by co-editor Daymon!

We begin with three videos. First is À FEU, where the transformations happen at 5:23 and 8:45:

And here is the short Unawarewolf:

The last video is "Real-Time transformations in The Order: 1886."It's slightly NSFW:

Up next are several links are suggested from Samuel. First comes a TF from the comic Kay and P. Next are a series of werewolf comics by artist Flyingrotten: the story of Sherlock and WereJohn,  an Untitled workOut of Control, and Werewolves.

Last but not least, the most recent update for deviantart comic "Halloween in the Saints" is a transformation scene. The gallery of the artist, Petplayer976, has many other transformation comics.

The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror (Alien and Human Transformations)

From issue 19: evil aliens Kang and Kodos use contaminated cafeteria kid to transform Bart and Lisa into aliens. But the villains are defeated by the transformative powers of junk food...

Artist Round-Up (Werewolf, Dragon, Donkey, Lion, Demon, Shark, and Weight Gain transformations)

Daymon here with some new artists this month. I start with an artist suggested by Samuel. His name is Aokamidu, and you can find transformations in his comics Flawed Fealty (on Page 3 and Page 6 - 7), Starting Something Else (on page 31 here),and Unknown Evil in England (page 6 to 8 and pages 22 to 23).

Next is the NSFW artist, Rangarig, and his many animations (you will need an account to view them): Donkey Tf ; Donkey Factory, available in low-quality and high-quality versions; and TF Milker: low-quality and high-quality version.

Third is Iwano, who draws a lot of doujinshi with husky gentlemen. The first of the weight gain sagas is Boss and the Mysterious Medicine, followed by Oyabun to Ayashii Hatsumei and this animation on Pivx.

The final spotlighted artist is Solid Asp, with his comics Dragonaid and WOLF TF--his transfur account has other goodies too.

To close, here are links to three short online hentai comics, with the TF species in parentheses:
* "My Little Cat" (Lion)
* "Nefandae V.2" (Demon)
* "Beach Day" (Shark)

Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega (Werewolf Transformations)

The first set of images is from Alpha & Omega - Cry Wolf. Image #1 is from issue 5, #2 from issue 6, #3 from issue 7:

The next set of images is from Mercy Thompson: Moon Called. All but the last are from issue 1--the last is from issue 2:

The last set is from Mercy Thompson: Homecoming #3:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows - Behind the Scenes

Daymon here with a behind the scenes SFX video from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Update on Wednesday, Feb 15

Hello everyone,

My apologies for the delay in updating--January is not usually a good month for finding transformations and I had a lot of other stuff on my plate. The good news is that I'm preparing the items for the next update. They won't be edited and ready today, but I promise they will be uploaded by Wednesday. In the meantime, both Dutchbull and Shadowlord have updated, so take a look at all their great new material. See you Wednesday!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Twelve Deadly Days (Reindeer Transformation)

Happy New Year everyone! As it turns out, we managed to find a Christmas-themed transformation after Christmas, so consider this a New Year's present. My thanks to two members of TF-Spot-- Vampgrey, who found the TF, and Werefan, who provided the video.

"Reindeer Games" is episode 4 of this Youtube red webseries. The plot involves a crook who runs over Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and starts gradually transforming into him. His mom almost stops this through a magical ceremony involving Rudolph's corpse, but in the end her son transforms completely. I've edited together bits from various parts of the episode to show the progress of his mutation--my apologies for the rough transitions. The budget was obviously low, so adjust your expectations--there's not much onscreen transformation and the final stage is done with shadows (alas). But it's still fun.