Monday, April 6, 2020

It's update time! 23 posts await your approval. My apologies for the long hiatus, but winter was a barren season for transformations. Though I found it difficult to locate good material, Kumaguma and many of our readers (and friends on Discord) stepped up to the plate. My thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions--if I missed yours, look for it in the next update, which you won't have to wait as long for!

P.S. As of today the blog has passed the 700 post milestone. Incredible!

Pet (Fish and Element Transformations)

I'm not even going to try describing this trippy anime! From what I can tell, there are two characters, Tsukasa and Hiroki, who can enter people's subconsciousness by transforming into water (Tsukasa) and a fish (Hiroki).
Below is a super-cut of the transformation scenes from episodes 2, 6, 11 and 13. You'll see some size changes and a dog-to-human morph. But mostly fish and water!

00:00-01:34 Episode 2
01:34-03:12 Episode 6
03:13-03:16 Episode 11
03:17-04:31 Episode 13

"Seek," "Hatena Illusion" & "Danino Yogurt" (Age Progression, Age Regression and Muscle Growth)

Here are three items involving age progression and the other age regression.

Starting with the latter, here is a commercial for Seek (an employment company) that involves a man aging down by 72 years:

The next two clips approach aging from different directions but they meet in the same place: muscle growth!

My thanks to APninja for recommending a scene from episode 11 of the anime Hatena Illusion,
where an old butler turns into a young and very well muscled jock:

Here is an Australian yogurt commercial from 1995. Lucky Aussies! I don't recall anything like this on American TV...

Naruto and Boruto (Monster Transformations)

These clips focus on a character named Jūgo, who appears in both shows. He is cursed to turn into a psychotic, bloodthirsty monster. His first full transformation seems to be in Naruto Shippuden 202 and can be seen in this clip, which has edited the separate parts of the metamorphosis together:

This character shows up again (now much more buff) in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. I've edited together his transformation scenes from episodes 98, 100, 102, and 103. The clip has Japanese audio and no subtitles. If you're wondering what "Koros!" means, it's Japanese for "Kill!"

00:00-01:06  Episode 98
01:07-02:30  Episode 100
02:31-03:10  Episode 102
03:11-05:11  Episode 103

L'Aventure Fantastique (Werewolf Transformation)

This French comic series is about a group of children who were magically projected into a fantasy world. One of them, a boy named Léo, ends up being magically transformed into a werewolf warrior. There's also an amusing scene of him reverting to human form.
The text is entirely in French.

Boris e Rufus (Monster, Muscle Growth, and Age Progression Transformations)

Boris e Rufus is a Brazilian cartoon. In episode 20, "A Fonte da Juventude" (The Fountain of Youth), the protagonists journey to an underground land inhabited by Germanic piglets who have never grown up. The pigs concoct an aging potion that has unexpected effects... 

There's also a very quick reversion scene.

In episode 3, "Cilada!" (Trapped!), the protagonists are visited by Nino the cat, who needs help to counteract the side effects of a scientific experiment...

There's another transformation at 06:44 -- reversions are at 6:03 and 08:30

L'école de Pan (Cat and Bear Transformations)

This French comic series is about a school for apprentice superheroes. One of the students is Felix, who has the ability to transform into a cat (an anthropoid cat, to be exact). Here are all the transformation scenes I could find. Everything is in French.

From Book 2:

From Book 3, which also has a student who can turn into a bear:

And from Book 4:

"Our Dynamic Earth," "Blackface" & "Dragonball" (Ape, Monkey, and Devolution Transformations)

All of the following clips involve people turning into apes or monkeys... "An advert for the Our Dynamic Earth attraction in Edinburgh, where a man devolves right down to the beginning of life."


My thanks to Shepsky for recommending the animated short Blackface, which shows an arrogant white hunter turning into a black-faced monkey:


Continuing with apes, here's an oozaru (great Ape) transformation from an unidentified Dragonball video game:

Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster (Werewolf Transformation)

Kumaguma here with another werewolf transformation from a music video. This comes from the band Falling In Reverse, for their song "Popular Monster." After being chased throughout a building by gunmen, he is cornered and transforms into the wolfish beast and then massacres his assailants. The transformation happens at 3:07:

Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster from Jensen Noen on Vimeo.

Muscle-Growth Hulk Round-Up 04/20 (Muscle Growth, Monster, and Hulk Transformations)

Let's start with three CGI Hulk animations by WaterFall Films:


Here is a Hulk-like character. This clip is described as 'real-time rendered CGI animation of a Zero character from Puppeteer Lounge's Human Transformation Setup training workshop."


A Hulk-out from an unknown episode of the cartoon Arthur. This is the second Hulk transformation I've seen in this show. I wonder if there are more...


Finally, two odd finds, both commercials for an Egyptian luxury resort!

One Piece (Dragon Transformation)

Kumaguma here, with a transformation from the anime One Piece. In episode 922, Kaido, leader of the Beast Pirates, transforms into his Zoan form out of anger and travels to his enemies' location. Here is the clip:

"Krypton" and (Monster Transformations)

My thanks to Some1whopassby for recommending an episode of Krypton (Season 2 Episode 7) that features a scene of a character named Dax transforming into the spiky monster Doomsday:

And my thanks to an anonymous commenter who recommended a scene from the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The monster looks slightly like Doomsday, come to think of it.

Tokyo Night Dragon (Dragon Transformation)

Co-editor Kumaguma is here with a transformation from the manga Tokyo Night Dragon. The manga is about the city under siege by dragons who just appeared out of the blue. In chapter 36, after getting trapped in a pitfall, a group of soldiers get infected by a dragon and turn into its progeny.

"Tongue Head" and "Ring Face" (Monster Transformations)

Thanks to Ian Ricky for recommending these disturbing stop-animation works by claymation artist Shigeru Okada!

"Tongue Head"

"Ring Face"

Sweet dreams kids!

The Legend of Hei (Cat Transformation)

The Legend of Hei is an independently produced Chinese feature-length anime released in 2019. Apparently it's the prequel to a web series called The Legend of Luo Xiaohei, which I have not seen.
Anyway, in this clip the villain transforms into a cat-man or werepanther.

(Go to 06:19 if the cue doesn't work.)

The Pride (Bear Transformation and Reversion)

Kumaguma here with a transformation from The Pride, a comic about a group of superheroes that are LGBT individuals who give representation while fighting prejudice and injustice. In Season 2, Issue #6, the former superhero Bear transforms back into his ursine form during a fit of rage:

Here is his post-battle reversion, which occurs while kissing his boyfriend: