Sunday, August 13, 2017

Update time! And two milestones too. This is our 502nd post, and even more exciting, the blog has now been viewed more than 2,000,000 times. Let's hope to double those figures--the best is yet to come.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (Monster Reversion and Transformation)

Hello, Daymon here with a transformation from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (episode "That Purple Guy"). A big monster turns into a studly humanoid and back again:

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (Werewolf Transformation)

I had given up on this show, but the folowing scene (from season 2, episode 18) got my attention. It's short but has a bit of well-done muzzle growth. The context involves a werewolf changing for the first time and being unaware of his condition:

Want to see that sweet muzzle grow again? Have a gif!

Midnight, Texas (Tiger Reversion)

Daymon here with a scene from the new show Midnight, Texas, with the local weretiger transforming back into his human form:

Cimiteria (Werewolf Transformation)

This is an Italian comic from the 70s, so of course it's NSFW. Issue 6 of Cimiteria, titled L'Uomo Lupo involves the heroine making love to a tall, dark, and handsome man who has a secret:

Werewolf Web Animation Roundup (Werewolf Transformations)

From Daymon--

Let's start with this short I recently found:

Werewolf CGI from Adamajtis Pawel on Vimeo.

My next selection is based on the Jekyll-Hyde transformation from the Looney Tunes cartoon Hyde and Hare:

Moving on, here's a lycanthropic advertisement for Greenfield Festival:

Greenfield Festival Part 1 - The Beast is Unleashed from Team Tumult on Vimeo.

Last of all, we'll stretch our theme a little with this weredog transformation:

La Luna Sangre (Werewolf Transformations)

Though the rest of the world has moved on from sexy vampires vs. sexy werewolves, the Philippines stays stubbornly true to ripping off Twilight, as exemplified in its third TV show on the theme, La Luna Sangre. I must warn you, the special effects are what you'd expect to find on Indian TV.

In the first clip, from episode 2, an older werewolf transforms inside a van, and then a younger one does so outside:

In the next clip, from the July 10th episode, we see the younger werewolf briefly shift, the older one revert, and younger one transform again. Unfortunately my source material had variable video quality--most of the clip looks fine, but the beginning is very blocky.

Mickey Mouse Playhouse and Toon Marty (Werewolf and Dog Transformations)

Daymon here with some lycanthropy from Mickey Mouse Playhouse involving Pete the Cat:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Monster Musical Werewolf Pete from Curtis Bryant on Vimeo.

On a more comedic note, here is a much less imposing werecanine:

Farhat and Swamp Thing (Fish and Praying Mantis Transformations)

We'll begin with this pescatarian scene from the cartoon Farhat: The Prince of the Desert:

Next up, an insectoid TF recommended by reader Bro43man, from the 90s Swamp Thing cartoon:

Artist Round-Up & Fixed Links (Werewolf, Dog, Boar, Snake, Bull, Dragon, Horse, Tiger, Monster, Orc, and Muscle Growth transformations)

Your co-editor here with another round-up of artists for your viewing pleasure. But before we go further, I want to report that broken links have now been fixed for the following posts:
Dragonball Super
Re: Hametora

Now on with the art!
Let us start with something from The wolves inside's When Gray Hairs Appear.

Some miscellaneous stuff:
A random husky transformation

A random boar transformation

A muscle growth comic from Kusunagi

The next work comes from a previously-featured artist, Birtoungboy, with his Bramble Wereshep

We move on to nken, who specializes in NSFW TG transformations, but of the more unsuaal female-to-male kind:
Trip to Japan
Bear Hunting
Chain 2 Colar

Our next works are gifs from cursedmark:
Muscle Growth

Now let's start with some new artists, the first being PlanetSelf, who draws NSFW material involving overtly muscular and large characters:
Tigers are grrreat,
Suddenly Beastly
Tiger TItan
Patreon Reward

Next comes SKY3 and his NSFW transformation sequences:
Wolf TF
Not that kind of horny
Werewolf transformation

Our final artist is Maldoodle from Tumblr:One simple trick fitness, trainers hate him
Commission for foryotter
Commission for zigzagziggy

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tokyo Grand Guignol (Werewolf Transformation)

This is a treat. My thanks to Markus for putting in the time and effort (and money) to track down Tokyo Grand Guignol, a French-made anthology of short films set in Tokyo. The final story, "Good Boy," was prominently featured in the film's trailer and quickly achieved notoriety for a scene involving a werewolf penis. That's right, werewolf penis. Have I got your attention? Well, now we have the complete scene.

Quick synopsis: a lowlife defaces a statue of Hachikō, Japan's most loyal dog, and is punished by being transformed into a sort of dog--or more accurately, a werewolf in S&M gear--who learns to be the loyal pet of a prostitute. In the video below, I've bracketed the transformation with an earlier scene (so you can see the character's human face) and some footage from later on:

In case you wanted to see more of the scene with the you-know-what, Markus has made a video with slow-motion in exactly the right place:

I am 99.99%  sure that Tokyo Grand Guignol is the first movie to seriously show a werewolf's penis transform. Sure, Wolf Cop had a superficially similar scene, but it was played for laughs and the anatomy was neither human nor canine. Tokyo Grand Guignol realistically depicts a human penis shifting into a canine sheath, topped with a pointed tip. For obvious reasons filmmakers have shied away from showing a werewolf's genitals change, but this is unfortunate because even from a non-prurient, non-sexual standpoint the shift from a human to canine phallus is visually interesting, since the two are so different. So hats off to the gutsy folks behind Tokyo Grand Guignol, and let's hope more independent filmmakers follow their example. And please join me in thanking Markus for finding this elusive film and making it available to TF fans with adventurous tastes.

Futurama (Yeti transformation)

By Daymon.
Enjoy this clip from Futurama, wherein Professor Farnsworth gets transformed (and then further transformed) by yeti venom:

Tekken 5 (Demon Transformation)

Daymon here, with a transformation suggested by Gianluca from Tekken 5--Devil Jin's ending:

Adventure Time (Monster Transformation)

This is Daymon, bringing you a transformation from the Adventure Time episode "Five Short Tables." Marshall Lee (a gender-swapped version of Marceline) tries to convince Lumpy Space Prince to take a potion by scaring him with a monster TF. There's also a reversion at 1:18:

Extinct (Werewolf Transformation)

By Daymon

Here are several werewolf transformation from a comic that is no longer in distribution called Extinct. We begin with a teacher supervising detention of the three protagonists:

Another brief TF, of a father and son transforming together while killing various folks:

Lastly, a partial TF by some basketball players: