Saturday, August 27, 2016

Transformation Round-up (Werewolf, rat, fox transformations)

Hello, this is Daymon, your co-editor here, with a transformation update with me having carte blanche on the blog. While Apuleius is on vacation, I will try my best to find transformations for the blog. If you wish to give me some transformations for the blog, you can leave comments in posts. Even though I am busy, I will try my best to read through them and post them as soon as I can.

Alright so lets start with the first transformation is from a manga called Amon Saga, that some characters transforming into werewolf-like beasts. The transformation starts here in volume 1, chapter 3, page 27.

The next scene is a rat transformation from the animated series, Magi-Nation, in this clip here

The next transformation is a werewolf one from the show, Animated Slasher School, here is the clip.

The last transformation for this post is from the short film, The Tale of Hillbelly, which is a surreal story about a hillbilly yogi and his unique encounter with a fox. The transformation starts at 6:14:

Artist Round-up (Horse, Donkey, Dog, Otter, Boar, Bandicoot, Muscle Growth transformations)

The co-editor here with another artist round up and like last time most of these are NSFW. The first artist for this post is Fasttrack37d, who often shows big end in the middle of his transformations.
The first of his work is a WIP of an animation that his plans on completing sometime in the future here.
The next is his Now You Can Tap-dance comic here.
His Farm Boy comic here.
His Penance comic here.
His That Donkey's an Ass comic here.
His Donkey Underwear comic here.
His Unexpected Changes comic here.
His Dark Rites comic here.
His Dog Gone It comic here.
His King Fisher comic here.
His Trespasser comic here.
and a wolf transformation comic here.

Our next artist is FurryDanders, who draws muscle growth with a hypnosis theme in his art.
The first of his work is the Book of Sexy Curses sequence in this link.
The next is a boar muscle growth comic found here.
Here is dog muscle growth sequence in the link here.

The final artist is Kancer-chan on Tumblr who does a lot of commissions.
The first of her art is a dog transformation found through this link.
The next is a Gabumon transformation on this link.
A husky transformation found here.
Her Evil Crash Bandicoot transformation in this link.
And finally a reverse muscle growth transformation found here.

Black Tapestries and Realm of Kaewyn (Werewolf, raccoon, Muscle Growth transformations)

I have some new transformations from the two webcomics from the artist Jakkal.
His first webcomic, Black Tapestries, has a werewolf transformation starts here after the main heroine's transformation curse.
The next transformations comes from his second webcomic, Realm of Kaewyn, the first is a raccoon-man transformation that starts here.
The next transformation of multiple werewolf transformations that start on this page.
Another raccoon transformation starts on this page while the man is teaching a class.
A muscle growth happens on this page but was just a dream.
Our next transformation is a werewolf reversion starts on this page here.
Another werewolf transformation start here and followed by a reversion after.
 The final transformation is a partial werewolf transformation that starts here.

One-Punch Man (Muscle Growth, Monster Transformation)

More transformations from the One-Punch Man your co-editor, which I discovered from someone that Apuleius had heard it from.
The first scene is a lion-man's muscle growth:

The second scene is a monster transformation from a rhinoceros beetle man going into a more monstrous form:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Future-Worm! (Werewolf Transformation)

I'm ashamed to say it's been nearly two months since the last update. This summer was not particularly good for transformations and it was difficult finding good ones. Fortunately our readers came to rescue with excellent tips and suggestions (apologies for any that I missed). This is a relatively large update (with 15 entries), because starting on Sunday I'll be out of town for three weeks and might not update until early October. However, my co-editor Daymon has carte blanche to post while I'm away.

On with the update--as an example of reader contributions, enjoy the video below:
Wally West found and recommended the werewolf transformation from episode 7 of Future-Worm!, a new cartoon series. The hero and his worm friend take a trip to a moon base, where they encounter some scientists at work:

Bunnicula (Cat Transformation)

The 12th episode of this cartoon is titled "Curse of the Weredude," and involves Chester the cat desiring to become human. He gets his wish:

Bunnicula - Curse of the weredude by burning_tsunami

Note: the video should be cued to the 03:44 mark.

Cambrian (Monster Transformations)

Cambrian is a hentai and therefore NSFW (so I decide not to embed the videos, which can't be cued anyway). The first episode has a monster transformation with clothes bursting at the 20:10 mark:

The second episode is more disappointing and has a very quick monster TF at 14:00 and some muscle-growth at 21:44:

Werewolf By Night (Werewolf Transformation)

Dead of Night: Werewolf By Night was a miniseries that worked hard to re-establish Marvel's werewolf superhero, who was the first werewolf superhero but was considered a bit of a relic, thanks to his wolfman design and goofy real name (Jack Russell). The intense, fleshy art in this miniseries, by Mico Suayan, succeeds in visually updating the character.
From issue 01:

From issue 3:

"Teen Titans" & "Savage" (Porcupine & Sasquatch Transformations)

In Teen Titans Annual #2 we learn why you shouldn't take strange drugs when clubbing:

And then this happened:

To beef up a short post, here are scans from an unrelated comic called Savage (issue 4). The hero turns into a sasquatch/bigfoot/ape sort of monster:

Full Moon (Werewolf Transformations)

A funny animated short about a werewolf encountering a series of weather-induced inconveniences on the night of the full moon. There are transformations and reversions throughout the film:

Full Moon from Chen Kim on Vimeo.

"Elephantmen" & "Megalith" (Hippopotamus, Monster, and Werewolf Transformations)

Both of these comics were found and recommended by Far23.
First up is a hippopotamus transformation (the first ever on this blog!) from Elephantmen #30.5 (aka Man and Elephantman #1). Lucky for us, the TF takes place on the cover and inside:

Next are scans from Megalith, drawn by the great Neal Adams. A monster transformation from issue 7:

In issue 4 of Vol. 2, Megalith (the superhero seen in the previous image) becomes a werewolf:

A short reversion scene, as Megalith confronts the wolf demon that possessed him:

Beast of the Tower (Werewolf Transformations)

Werewolves pop up surprisingly often in yaoi manga, usually with disappointing results. Beast in the Tower is a glorious exception. The plot involves aristocratic Edgar taking in a poor commoner named Lucca. They fall in love of course, but Edgar has a dark, hairy secret...

In Chapter 3 we get a brief one-page transformation:

In the next chapter, Edgar undergoes a partial TF:

In Chapter 5 another lycanthrope is introduced into the story--he performs as a circus freak:

Edgar rushes home, where Lucca confronts him. The moon is up, so Edgar starts changing:

Edgar goes to fight the other werewolf, who transforms first:

At the very end, love conquers all and Edgar reunites with Lucca. The images below were originally a few pages apart:

Hulk and Muscle Growth Transformations

For the first item, Aaron S. recommends a clothes-ripping hulk-out in "'Epic Rap Battle--Bruce Banner Vs Bruce Jenner." Aaron comments, "Hulk's rap is hilarious btw."

An anonymous commenter recommends "a pretty impressive Hulk-out from a Hulk ride in Universal Studios....I can already hear Vince McMahon wanting this kid for the WWE."

Comics Links Roundup! (Horse, Werewolf, Monster, Mouse, Dog, and Lizard Transformations)

Here are links to various comics I've found around the web:

* A NSFW werewolf transformation from the Brazilian comic Gangue Dos Monstros 1 - The Wolfman. Read it from the start.

* From Regular Show #30, Rigby the Racoon undergoes a dirty monster transformation, starting here.

* An anonymous commenter recommends Deadpool Annual #2. Deadpool, while impersonating Spider Man, confronts a villain called the Masssster, who's trying to turn Manhattan into mice to feed his snakes. Deadpool screws up his plan and the Massssster gets turned into a giant mouse.

* A werewolf transformation from the webcomic Exoterism, starting here.

* A partial canine transformation from Kemono no Sho Nijuuni - Book of The Beast. It's NSFW and begins here.

* A quick transformation of a lizard man into a lizard, from World of Wood #01.

* An anonymous commenter recommends the manga Gleipnir, whose the protagonist transforms into a sadistic monster dog Mascot. Transformations occur in chapters one, two, six, seven, and ten.

For the finale, three NSFW horse transformation comics by Mamabliss:
* "Special Delivery"
* "The Rookie"
* "An American Werehorse in London"

"Clarence" and "Catscratch" (Bat and Monster Transformations)

Both of these cartoons were found and recommended by The Ultimate Crusader. He gave me a pair of excellent links, but I decided to use the versions on Youtube because they can be embedded and cued. However, they have a drawback--in order to foil Youtube's copyright fascists, many people have uploaded videos that don't occupy the entire screen of the video player. This creates a smaller-than-usual image, so you might prefer to click fullscreen when watching these.

Ultimate Crusader introduces the first video: "These have to be the weirdest transformations I've seen from Nick in a while. First is one from Catscratch [episode 3a] where Gordon eats some broccoli and an allergic reaction turns him into a monster."

If the cue doesn't work, go to 02:43. There are additional transformations/reversions at 05:47 and 08:49.

Now for the second video: "I found a short, but sweet bat transformation from [episode 43] of the show Clarence (if you can believe that)." The scene seems to be a hallucination:

Twink Wolf 2 (Werewolf Transformations)

Technically this should have be part of the "Comics Links Roundup," but I couldn't resist spotlighting it...
Remember that very NSFW Twink Wolf comic? Well prepare yourselves, because now there's a sequel! This is what Teen Wolf would have been like it had an X-rating and more monstrous-looking werewolves (the show's recent season was an improvement, but I'm not optimistic that the upcoming, final season will give us any decent transformations). As for Twink Wolf, if you like it, leave some positive comments on the host site, because there are lots of bitchy remarks there.