Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Update--and the Male Transformations Discord

Welcome to the update! Apologies for the two-month hiatus. Real life intervened and it wasn't a great spring for TF sightings. But we're back with 15 new items. And now I'll turn this post over to Daymon, who has some additional news... 

Daymon here with a link to a Discord channel I've created for general chat, transformation chat, and even suggestions. Here is the link for anyone interested in joining:

From Apuleius: Thank you Daymon! This is a splendid idea. Despite being an idiot with technology I will do my best to keep up with the discussions. I hope our readers will take full advantage of the new channel. 

Girls Lost (Transgender Female-to-Male Transfomation)

Female-to-male transformations are uncommon in film or TV, so I'm always happy to find them. The 2015 Swedish film Girls Lost is about three teenage girls who taste the nectar of a flower that changes them into boys. The video below contains several scenes: the girls tasting the nectar, their first transformation, their second, and the reversion of the main character. The morphing effects are subtle and well rendered.

"Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan," Yaiba," and a Commercial (Werewolf Transformations)

Three werewolf transformations from Japan:

First is a video edited from episodes 19 and 20 of the anime Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. This is an unusual transformation involving a demon named Inugami. In the first part only his head transforms...and then detaches from his body to attack the heroes! After his head gets captured the rest of his body transforms. His head breaks free and rejoins his body to make a giant feral wolf. Due to an editing glitch, the picture pauses from 1:09 to 1:16 but nothing important is missing.

Next is a short transformation from Yaiba, episode 25 (this a repost of a dead link originally uploaded by Daymon):

Finally, an anonymous commenter has found a lycanthropic Japanese noodle commercial:

Zombillenium the Movie (Demon Transformation)

Zombillenium is an adaptation of a French comic whose first volume we covered in an earlier post (followed by a post on Vol. 3). Zombillenium is a theme-park run by and featuring supernatural creatures. Into this stumbles a normal human who ends up working for the park and changing into a demon. The video below compiles his first transformation, its second phase, and a shot of the demon in his final form. To be honest, I prefer the look and story of the comic.

Werewolf Video Round-Up (Werewolf Transformations)

From the animated series Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (episode # unknown). Excuse the visual quality, the video isn't mine:

A fine piece of animation:

Werewolf Animation from KADIHEHE on Vimeo.

Another short animation, this time involving boyfriends:

A short titled "Big Bad Dad"--the TF is gradual and ends after around the 01:20 mark :

A clip from the Adult Swim show Hot Streets:

And here is a comedic look at werewolves and vampires:

Last but least, here is a partial transformation from Shadowhunters (Season 3, episode 7). It's disappointing but there is some clothes bursting (and the actor is easy on the eyes).

Kim Possible (Jackal, Muscle Growth, Weight Gain, and Reversion)

From Daymon:
Here are three videos of transformations from the cartoon series Kim Possible. The first is from the episode "Pain King vs. Cleopatra" and involves a jackal transformation and reversion:

The next transformations is from "Ron the Man," and shows muscle growth and reversion:

The final transformation comes from "Grand Size Me" and features monster-size weight gain scene followed by a reversion:

Comics Round-Up (Monster, Turtle, and Werewolf Transformations)

In Teen Titans 18 Beast Boy falls under the spell of a lady who turns him into a monster man:

Pinocchio Winshluss is a French alternative comics retelling of the old story. In this version the boys visiting Pleasure Island are lured into attending a circus and are turned into werewolves by a power-mad clown:

Continuing with werewolves, here's one from Virgin Wolf 01:

 Along with a scan from issue 03:

Switching to reptiles, here's a turtle monster from volume 01 of the French comic Daisuke & le Géant:

Xam'D: Lost Memories (Monster Transformation)

Hi everyone, this is Daymon bringing you some transformations involving the main character from on the Bones studio anime Xam'd: Lost Memories:

Art Round-Up (Various Transformations)

We'll start with a doujinshi "Growth Evolution," which involves two boys turning into monster Digimon. The transformation begins on page seven and continues through page 19 (NSFW!).

A dragon sequence from @kouma1123.

More dragonry from @nojo6.

From the same artist, a literal cowboy.

 A werewolf tail-and-muzzle growth sequence from @CaptainJohkid.

Short animation of werewolf muzzle growth by @Jacknerwolf.

A cute boy-into-dog sequence from @CatLewder.

A lion sequence from @kouma1123.

Some wolf, tiger, and ape action from @tonokobb.

Speaking of apes, here is a NSFW oozaru (tailed ape) sequence by Wakaku Kasumi. To see it you need to be registered with Pixiv. Thanks to bro43man for recommending it.

Some more tiger fun from artist whose name translates as Yama Yamaha.

My thanks to Samuel G. for sending the twitter links that made this post possible. In a future update there will be an art round-up based on his picture collection. Thanks again Samuel!


My thanks to Kivuli for recommending the artwork in this section:

A beast-man doujinshi titled "Takeru Kemono, Futafuri"--make sure you don't miss the back cover!

A werewolf TF  animation by Mankor.

A weasel animation by Recurrent, whose gallery includes other TF material.

The in-progress alien muscle growth comic "Beef for Science," by Gilpanda.

A cute snow leopard sequence by Wickeren.

A dog sequence from Spacecat on Transfur.

An arcanine (pokemon) sequence by Fauvfox. From the same artist is an aquatic pokemon comic that starts here

A "Muscle Growth Teaser."


Lastly, here's an assortment of material I've found on Furaffinity:

Excellent dragon animation by PCZ.

A cute cat sequence by Xagave.

A demonic werewolf sequence by the dinopharaoh.

A more normal werewolf TF by ToddWolf.

A gorilla sequence from izayoi_16.

"Good Doggo" by Cocofox.

"Therewolf" by hhazard.

"Super Boar" by chesshire88.

"Wereweener,"(weiner dog to werewolf) animation by top_dog.

Marvel's Spider-Man (2017) (Lizard Transformation, Giant Growth and, Reversion)

From Co-editor Daymon, here are some transformations from Marvel's Spider-Man (2017), found in the episode "Rise of Doc Ock: Part 2." The episode not only has a lizard transformation but also a giant lizard growth scene and reversion. Take a look:

Note from Apuleius: Daymon made this clip several weeks ago, but I was so slow updating the blog that Dragoniade included the same transformations in his recent update at Shadowlord Inc. Normally we don't post scenes that have already appeared on that excellent website, but since Daymon had this clip ready long ago I'm making an exception, especially since the delay in updating was entirely my fault!

Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments (Muscle Growth)

Hello, this is Daymon here with a muscle growth scene from the anime Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments, found in the 14th episode, "Master of the Sun":

Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (Monster Transformation)

Thanks to Ian Ricky for recommending this grisly scene of the film's protagonist transforming into the murderous Freddy Krueger. One could also describe the scene as Freddy Krueger tearing his way out of the hero's body. Lots of skin-ripping and excellent 1980s practical effects work, a reminder of what was lost when CGI took over.

Husskoni's videos and a bonus (Muscle Growth)

Daymon here with some hairy muscle growth videos from Husskoni on YouTube. The first four videos are from his series "Muscle Growth: Lumberjacks:"

Next is a preview of his "Build Me" animatic:

The last video from Husskoni is "Muscle Growth: Easter":

And here's a bonus from another muscle growth animator, "Football Player Muscle Growth" by Taka. Our thanks to Ian Ricky for recommending this:

If you seek more muscle growth videos, take a look at the NSFW animations of Faya Fantasy.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Killing Bites (Bear, Snake, and Gorilla Transformation)

Welcome to the February update! We hope you'll enjoy the eight items we've gathered for you.

Your co-editor Daymon is here with three more transformations from the anime Killing Bites. The first is a bear transformation:

The next is a cobra TF:

And the final one is partial gorilla transformation:

Marvel's Spider-Man (Spider Transformations)

Spider-Man recently spent five episodes on a loose adaptation of the comics story "Spider-Island" (covered in an earlier post), which involved everyone in Manhattan gaining Spider-powers and then  transforming into human-sized spiders. The transformation scenes weren't as great as I hoped, but they're nothing to sneeze at either.

On to the first clip. The first part is from episode 19 ("Spider-Island Part 1"). Norman Osborne has stolen Spider-Man's stealth suit and is busy battling Spidey and his friends until he transforms into a man-spider. The remainder of the clip is taken from episode 22 ("Spider-Island Part 4") and shows Osborn being injected with a cure. He partially reverts offscreen, and reverts entirely after the full cure is injected.

Now for the second clip. The first scene is taken from episode 22 and shows some quick spider TFs. The scenes afterward are from episode 23 ("Spider-Island Part 5") and show various spider monsters reverted to human form:

Breadwinners (Monster Transformations)

Many thanks to Featherwolf for not only finding this clip but also sending it to me. Much appreciated! I'll let Featherwolf describe what you're about to see:
Here's one more for you! The clip comes from a show called "Breadwinners" [season 2, episode 34?]. Terrible show but an episode called "Bad Zituation" houses an awesome muscle growth/monster transformation. The two main characters eat monster bread and turn into hulking monsters when they visit a monster island. The episode is nearly impossible to find since there's next to no record of it anywhere (apparently it aired in the UK months before the US and the titles and episode numbers are all messed up), but luckily I grabbed the full episode months ago and cropped it down to the good part: