Sunday, January 1, 2017

Twelve Deadly Days (Reindeer Transformation)

Happy New Year everyone! As it turns out, we managed to find a Christmas-themed transformation after Christmas, so consider this a New Year's present. My thanks to two members of TF-Spot-- Vampgrey, who found the TF, and Werefan, who provided the video.

"Reindeer Games" is episode 4 of this Youtube red webseries. The plot involves a crook who runs over Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and starts gradually transforming into him. His mom almost stops this through a magical ceremony involving Rudolph's corpse, but in the end her son transforms completely. I've edited together bits from various parts of the episode to show the progress of his mutation--my apologies for the rough transitions. The budget was obviously low, so adjust your expectations--there's not much onscreen transformation and the final stage is done with shadows (alas). But it's still fun.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Your present is an update--six new items are below. We couldn't find any Christmas-themed transformations, but we hope you'll enjoy what we have. Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men who transform into animals.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Monster Transformations)

My thanks to Aaron S. for recommending this Tim Burton film, which has some peculiar monster metamorphoses. I didn't have time to watch the film (holiday rush, sorry), so if anyone can provide context, please do. The copyright fascists didn't allow me to host the video on the usual sites, so I had to use Google Drive. Let me know if you have any problems.

Best Friends Play (Hedgehog Transformation)

Happy Holidays from your co-editor Daymon! This transformation is from the animated intro of the (otherwise live action) "Best Friends Play" webseries, which discusses videogames. This episode coveres the game Sonic Unleashed:

SuperCops vs Supervillains (Tiger Transformation)

SuperCops vs Supervillains (aka Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath) is an Indian TV show that's been described as CSI versus the monster-of-the-week. Lots of episodes have transformations but the special effects are terrible (90s-style computer morphing). One of the better TF scenes occurs in episode 140, "Half Human, Half Tiger."
The clip below is assmbled from different parts of the episode. It was a pain in the ass to compile because I wasn't able to find an uncorrupted video file. So please forgive the choppiness and other defects.

Tiger Transformation by blackjack60

Abigail's Discount Magic & Bite Nite (Werewolf Transformations)

Daymon here, presenting two lycanthropic short films. First comes the student animation Abigail's Discount Magic. The transformation starts at 0:20:

Next is an oddity--a webvideo series from Subway called "Bite Nite"...about a werewolf who makes sandwiches. We didn't include it in the past few updates because there wasn't much onscreen transformation. But it's been requested a few times, so we decided to include it as a bonus. If this guy worked at my local Subway I'd have dinner there everyday.

Dragon Quest: Legend of Abel (Lion Transformation)

Daymon presents this leonine metamorphosis, from episode 19 of this anime:

Wansapanataym (Horse/Monster Transformations)

Wansapanataym is a Filipino fantasy show with multi-episode story arcs. In one  a character (or two) is cursed to become a Tikbalang, which wikipedia defines as "a creature of Philippine folklore said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines. It is generally described as a tall, bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs...It has the head and feet of an animal, most commonly a horse."

I haven't yet seen the arc but there are clips on youtube.
In the first, "Boyong transforms into a demon horse" while talking to his girlfriend:

Next, "Atom drinks Boyong's magic milk, causing him to transform into a demon horse."

Boyong also has a short reversion scene. Apparently there are many other transformations on the show, but episodes are hard to find or download in decent quality. 

Transformation Art Round-Up (Ape, Monster, Werewolf, Spider, and Muscle Growth Transformations)

Daymon here, with some Transformation art found around the web:

* A werewolf transformation sequence from Loboleo.

* A superb dog transformation comic from Silverclaw (you need to be logged into Furaffinity to see it):
Pg. One
Pg. Two
Pg. Three

* Some one-page sequences (also from Furaffinity) by Warmbodies:
A donkey TF
A werewolf TF

* An ape sequence found on Pivx.

* An NSFW comic from Uniparasite whose art contains muscle growth and transformations. Here is a list of his other comics:
Long Live Curse
Time to Inject
Set a Growth Alarm 
Rock Age Growth
A Tumblr Commission
Another Tumblr Commission "for all of ya pervs"

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hulk Animation (Muscle Growth and Hulk/Monster Transformation)

Back in August we posted a computer-animated video of an impressive Hulk-out from the Hulk ride in Universal Studios. An anonymous commenter has directed us to a better-quality version of the video that also includes an additional transformation. In the first video a kid with a baseball cap hulked out--in this version we also see an Asian guy and a woman go green. The transformations do not progress in a linear sequence and seem to be intentionally scrambled:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Transformation Round-Up (Lion, Raptor, Hair Growth Transformations)

Co-editor Daymon here, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Here are some videos to help you get through the holiday.

The first is an animated lion transformation:

The next is a raptor transformation:

The final one come from the Yo-kai Watch 2 commercial that features hair growth:

Artist Round-Up (Orc, Dragon, Fox, Deer, Raptor, Lizard, Rat, Naga,Horse, Rhino, Bear, Wolf, Demon, Skunk, Raccoon,Kangaroo, Sea Lion, Pig, Koala, Donkey, Dog, Cat, Bear, Tanuki, Boar, Dolphin, Unicorn, Red Panda, Orca, Reindeer, Hippocampus, Donkey, Werewolf, Seal, Coyote, Shark, Muscle Growth transformations)

Daymon here, with some more artists this month for your viewing pleasure. These pictures artists are mostly Safe For Work.
The first artist on the list is Altered, who has art that might be rough around the edges but is all around good. Here is a list of his comics:
Natural Power
Zerat Returns
My Father and I
Moonlight Wishes
Happy Accident
Big Lizard
Show Yourself
Full Moon
Tainted Treasure
Buck Wild
Beast Pills
Rhino Tattoo
Dragon Makeover
Game Over
Demon Unleashed

Our next artist is Beast-Boy, who has a more stylized technique:
The Book
Down the Street
The Plunge
 A Walk in the Woods
Wait till the Moon is Full
After the Rain
Bottom's Dream
Theif of Baghdad
Night Ride
The Trap
Low Tide
Dr. Suess Day
The Field
A Bigger Splash
Let's Misbehave
Meeting the Tanuki
Song for a New Land
Fascinating Rhythm

The next works were commissioned by Crazy-Husky from different artists:
Mutation Spary and Cursed Bacon by RileySerenity
Sweet Bear Honey and How to be a Dragon by Heezy
Multi-potion by FayV

Our next artist is Jakkal, who was mentioned in the Black Tapestires and The Realm of Kaerwyn webcomics. Here is the list of her work:
LS Commission: Human to Dolphin/Lizard
Kaerwyn: Most Dangerous Game
Commission: Human -> Werewolf
Commission: Human to Fox
Werewolf Transformation for W0lfB0y
LSC: Carnivorous Lunar Activities
Livestream Commission: Human -> Unicorn
Human -> Dragon TF
Red Pandamonium!
Jurassic Fever
Bacon Faces
Phil's Killer Dive
The Two Tails of the Blue Moon
Xmas Cookie
Diving for troubles
OSC: Christmas Misgivings
OSC: Whipped Into Shape
OSC: A Not-So-Dire Situation
OSC: Onomnomnom
OSC: Sequence: Sealed Fate
OSC: Sequence: Going Feral
OSC: Holiday Mishap
OSC: Sequence: Curse of Quetzalcoatl

Next comes RexEquinox (who also does some NSFW stuff):
A Twist of Fate
Becoming a real Predator
A Real Predator
Letting Off Some Steam Page
Lizard and Chill
Join my army!
Into the Night
You will believe
Hold up!
A Quick Escape
The Evening Commute
Free Comic for Patreon Support: Volume 1: July
Get Orient

The final artist is Wolfthings or Deadanthro who draws lots of beefy characters undergoing muscle growth. Here are some of his NSFW pieces:
The Soap

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On behalf of my country I want to apologize to the rest of the world for what we have done...and for all the insanity that will occur during the next four years. If it's any consolation, the majority of American voters did not vote for the man who will become the President. How strange that our Electoral College, designed to prevent the election of demagogues, has twice done the opposite!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Update Time! (and Happy Halloween!)

Welcome to the (last minute of) October update! I managed to post half of the material below before Halloween. The rest will help you kick off November. Many thanks to Daymon for keeping the blog running in September when I was on vacation. I feel a bit guilt about not being more active in October, but I will also do another update before Thanksgiving.

In other news, broken links have been fixed for three old posts:
* Eerie Cuties
* Sorcery 101
* Dance in the Vampire Bund

After you finish with this update, keep in mind that Dutchbull and Shadowlord Inc. have also recently updated (links on the sidebar).

Luger Code 1951 (Werewolf Transformation)

This new anime features an effective werewolf metamorphosis--I particularly like the fur sprouting on the back and the muzzle growth, though both of course go by a hair too quickly. The werewolf design is imposing and well-shaped.

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist (Insect Transformation)

In episode 7 ("Rebirth") of this sci-fi cartoon, sidekick Zap starts gradually mutating into an alien insect creature. Unfortunately, this promising sequence is let down by stiff computerized animation.
Since the transformation happened throughout the episode, I edited several scenes together. Apologies for rough transitions and some occasional choppiness caused by the video capture software.