Sunday, March 17, 2019

Love, Death, + Robots (Monster and Werewolf Transformations)

This is Daymon, bringing you some metamorphoses of from the new Netflix animated anthology series Love, Death, + Robots. Be aware that these clips are NSFW because of frontal nudity and violence.
The first transformation comes from the episode "Sucker of Souls," where an ancient vampire is awakened and, after taking some blood, transforms into a giant monster:

The next clip comes from the episode "Shape-Shifter." One werewolf confronts another to avenge his friend's death; they meet naked on a moonlit night and transform to fight it out in the desert. The transformation is the skin-ripping type and is slickly animated:

"The Flash" and "Hellboy" and Hyundai (Shark, Jaguar, and Horse Transformations)

Thanks to commenter Arerenson, who wrote that the lastest episode of The Flash (season 5, ep. 15) features a human turning into the villain King Shark. This might be the first good live action shark transformation I've seen:

We also received several requests to post the trailer for the upcoming Hellboy film, which features a rather sexy Were-Jaguar. The TF community was understandably excited:

And here is a Hyundai commercial, suggested by Werefan, which includes a partial horse transformation. Let's hope more advertising agencies get these sort of ideas!

The Magicians, The Order, and Shadowhunters (Werewolf Transformations)

I've grouped these scenes together since they're all live-action transformations from TV programs with obviously limited budgets.

We'll start with a dream sequence from The Magicians (season 4, episode 4):

Next, The Order, a new Netflix series. This was a disappointment, since werewolves play a large part in the series (the central character is one), but there are no complete onscreen transformations. Instead there are partial TFs of the hero in episode 3 and a glimpse of his fully transforming shoulder in episode 4, as you'll see below. My thanks to Paraeidolon for the video.

Lastly we come to Shadowhunters (episode 46) for another very short, partially glimpsed transformation--primarily a bit back shifting, which leaves us wanting to see more. My thanks to weremaster1989 for the video:

The Immortal Hulk (Saquatch, Hulk, and Muscle Growth Transformations)

Issue 4 of the most recent Hulk series features the Sasquatch, the college roommate of Bruce Banner, imitated the Hulk by bombarding himself with gamma rays. He gets stabbed in a fight and transforms on the operating table:

Issue 5 has two separate scenes of Saquatch reverting to humanity:

In issue 8, the disembodied body parts of the temporarily dead Hulk recombine for his resurrection (remember, in this series Hulk is immortal!). Unfortunately a scientist gets in the way and is absorbed in the process:

Later on there's a scene of the Hulk reverting:

Lastly, we see some Red Hulk action in issue 11. The Red Hulk is the green Hulk's resentful father-in-law:

"Genjui Toteku" and "Sengoku Vamp" (Werewolf Transformations)

It's manga werewolf time! We begin with the one-shot Genjui Toteku (幻獣医トテク) about a special doctor who treats supernatural creatures. The first patient finds himself slowly turning into a lycanthrope:

The good doctor tracks him down and administers an antidote:

But the patient undergoes a remission:

Now for the second selection, taken from chapter 8 of Sengoku Vamp (戦国ヴァンプ). One of the characters has been transformed into a rather puppyish werewolf (offscreen) and is magically changed back, but with lingering effects...

And of course his mental control isn't too strong...

"Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King," "Jack," and "Dragon" (Monster and Dragon Transformations)

Here's a trio of animated beast transformations. First, a sort of demon-semi-werewolf-monster transformation from the anime Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King, episode 6:

(There's also a partial TF at 6:06)

The next selection is from Daymon, who presents "Jack," wherein a rabbit bitten by a strange antlered beast transforms into one himself (starting at 1:54 and continuing to 2:50):

Jack from Elizabeth D. on Vimeo.

Second is "Dragon TF," involving a man turning into a chubby reptile:

Werewolf Comic Round-Up (Werewolf Transformation)

Let's start off with transformations from the comic book series The Family Graves. The father is a werewolf, but unlike other lycanthropes he transforms randomly, rather than on a full moon:

Next, a scene from Feeding Grounds--a group of men infected with lycanthropy transform while in a test area:

Moving on, we arrive at two issues of Jughead: The Hunger. Issue 9 gives us a reversion scene:

Issue 12 also starts with Juhead reverting to human form:

Later on he encounters his evil cousin Bingo, who transforms and triggers Jughead too:

Next, a two-page spread from Army of Darkness: Fury Road #1:

From Deadman's Land -- a man who has been injected with werewolf's blood transforms in the group of soldiers:

Here is the cover of from Werewolf O'Reilly. Sadly there is no transformation in the actual issue:

Finally, we'll end with scenes from two transformation from two webcomics.
In Pure of Heart, we see a skin ripping metamorphosis, starting here.

And in the Korean webtoon Tales of the Unusual, Chapter 239, Ep.238, we behold a very unusual canine transformation. Not quite a werewolf, but technically from the same species...

"Hulkverines" and "Everafter" (Muscle Growth, Monster, Hulk, & Chupacabra Transformations)

In Hulkverines #1 the Hulkverine hunts the Hulk. They transform into their monster forms to have a tussle:

Let's move on to a somewhat different comic, Everafter: From the Pages of Fables. One of the main characters, Conner Wolf, is a shapeshifter, and in issue 12 he takes on three forms.
First, he reverts from a different (and less attractive) male human form to his own:

Next he turns into a chupacabra:

Lastly, there's an image of him as a wolfman on the final page: