Monday, September 9, 2019

Carnival Row (Werewolf Transformation)

It's update time!

We begin with some scenes from episode 3 of the new fantasy/steampunk series Carnival Row, recommended to us by Hubie Bristol on the blog's Discord server.

In the first scene, several soldiers strip down to inject themselves with a werewolf serum. Unfortunately we don't see them transform, but after they're killed we see a partial reversion of the brown-haired soldier-wolf. Before dying the werewolves managed to infect Darius, the hero's friend, who wanders into the woods, where he strips and transforms. The werewolves have an interestingly beefy, anthropoid look and their fur is the same as their human hair color.

Since the transformation goes by too quickly, I've slowed it down and tried to lighten it. For unknown reasons Dailymotion wouldn't accept the video, so I used a new video host called Streamable. Please let me know if you have any problems seeing this slow-motion clip:

Note: Here's an alternative slow-motion clip (not quote as slow and with synchronized sound) created by TFdaniel.

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (Demon Transformation)

Courtesy of uploader Max Vang, here is a scene of a man turning into a Krahang, which Wikipedia defines as "a male spirit of the Thai folklore that manifests itself as a shirtless man, wearing a traditional loincloth, who flies in the night." The scene is from the Thai horror/romance film Krasue: Inhuman Kiss.

Soulless: The Manga (Werewolf Transformations)

According to Wikipedia, Soulless: The Manga is a three-volume adaptation of "a steampunk paranormal romance novel series by Gail Carriger," known as The Parasol Protectorate. That's about all I can tell you, because the only scans I could find of the manga are in French.

Apparently the heroine has an aristocratic werewolf boyfriend, and in Volume 1 he locks himself up during the full moon:

Through various contrivances, the bad guys sic him on his girlfriend, but he reverts to human form before tragedy can strike:

The bad guys come back and get attacked:

Now on to volume two!
We meet another werwolf, but seems to be a cad:

Meanwhile, the werewolf boyfriend finds himself unexpectedly reverting to human form:

Later on, the boyfriend's head inconveniently morphs at a party:

Lastly, we arrive at the third and final volume.
At the start of this one, werewolf boyfriend has a bath, gets drunk, and transforms:

Later on, two other werewolves have a duel in wolf form:

Many pages later, the werewolf boyfriend decides to save a dying man by biting and making him a werewolf:

After they get home the new werewolf reverts to human form:

Zombillenium Vol. 4 (Demon Transformation)

We've covered the French comic Zombillenium a few times on this blog (volumes one and three and the animated movie). Now we bring scans from volume four! They haven't been translated by the way.

First we see our familiar protagonist, Aurelien the demon, revert to human form:

Then he changes back into a handsome devil:

Next, a demonic office worker reverts from devil to human form:

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts (Dragon, Werewolf, Lizard, Rhino, Hydra, and Monster Transformation)

Kumaguma here with transformations from the anime To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, which involves soldiers called Incarnates who can transform into a mythical creature as a secret weapon to win a war. I managed to get several TFs from some various episodes. Here is the transformations from episode 1:

Episode 2 has the Spriggan Incarnate transform as he fights his former captain:

Episode 3 show the captain's Incarnate form, given the name 'Werewolf,' while fights his fellow Minotaur Incarnate here:

Episode 4 has a short werewolf tf:

Episode 6 has the werewolf captain transforming into a giant wolf:

Episode 10 has another werewolf transformation along with a fight between two beasts:

Note from Apuleius: This post was prepared before the recent update at Shadowlord Inc., which also covers several transformations from To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. Since this post was delayed by my own slowness in updating, I decided it would be unfair to not feature Kumaguma's hard work. Plus the TF from episode 10 is "new."

The Wolf Gift: The Graphic Novel (Werewolf Transformation)

This manga is an adaptation of the Anne Rice novel The Wolf Gift. Unfortunately the only copy I could find was in French, and since I haven't read the novel I don't know what's going on in any version of the story. But that's never stopped me from enjoying transformation scenes, so turn off your brain and let your eyes roam.

Here's the first transformation:

Many pages later our hero meets another werewolf and they get into a fight:

Many more pages later, we're treated to another transformation by our hero:

Then there's a page showing a prisoner being experimented on (I think) and turning into a werewolf:

Finally, the hero meets his brother(?), who is also a werewolf, and after dinner they have midnight snack of venison:

"Dreamstone" and "George of the Jungle" (Monster and Demon Transformations)

Your friendly neighborhood co-editor here, bringing you two scenes of monster madness. First, a transformation from the 1990s cartoon Dreamstone. In this episode, "The Daydream Bubble," the two protagonists learn about the origins of the villain, Zordax, before he transformed into the Lord of Nightmares:

Second, courtesy of Featherwolf (thanks!), is a sort of monster/demon/muscle growth transformation from episode 19A of the 2016 cartoon series of George of the Jungle. An explorer gets so mad he changes form...

Hellboy (in slow-mo!) (Jaguar Transformation)

I usually don't post material already posted by esteemed colleagues Dutchbull and Dragoniade, but since this clip from the recent Hellboy reboot is in slow-motion, I can make a partial exception. CGI has come a long way since the primitive days of An American Werewolf in Paris!

Zora (Werewolf Transformations)

I don't know about you guys, but I can never get enough smutty werewolf comics. Luckily for me, the Italians were busy cranking them out in the '70s. Here are two examples, both NSFW.

We begin with Zora La Vampira #131. A middle-aged man reveals himself to be a beast in bed:

Rampaging around like a fool, the wolfman gets captured and reverts:

For some reason the authorities decide to take the wolfman to court and hold his trial on the night of a full moon. You'll never guess what happens next:

Now for our second comic. This is Zora: Nuova Serie #12. This time another man transforms in bed, but instead of ending up in night court he meets a poker: