Monday, April 24, 2017

Guardians (Bear Transformations)

Update time!
Many thanks to Kwipper for editing and sending me these clips.
Guardians (Защитники/ Zaschitniki) is a Russian superhero film, and one of the heroes, Arsus, has the power to turn into a bear-man.
I've compiled the clips in order of his appearances: you'll first see him shifting from bear to human (i.e., a hot blond beefcake), then partially into a bear, and finally into werebear form during battle. Later on he gains the ability to change completely into a bear, and the last two scenes show him going feral.

Bear Transformation by blackjack60

If you'd you'd like to see those transformations slowed down, you're in luck! Makaio has edited the video below for you to savor:

Slow Motion Bear Transformations by blackjack60

Thanks again Kwipper and Makaio!

Jughead: The Hunger (Werewolf Transformation)

Archie comics were once considered hopelessly square, but now they're considered hip if they involve horror stuff. I have no idea why. But as long as they deliver a transformation, who cares? This one-off special features Jughead turning into a werewolf. We first get a partial view of the change:

Later on Jughead is asked to eat a leaf of wolfsbane to cure him. Initially it has the opposite effect:

But he reverts soon afterward:

For obvious reasons I hope this story is adapted for Riverdale.

Monk! (Muscle Growth Transformation)

This goofy Korean manga (manhwa) involves a scrawny young monk who turns into super-sized muscleman when he gets sexually aroused.
In Vol. 1 a woman pees on his head and all hell breaks loose:

His master enters and forces him to revert:

The next TF is from Vol. 2:

Bunnicula & Gumball (Monster/Muscle Growth Transformation)

In good news for muscle growth fans everywhere, Gelty Drake has resumed updates on his YouTube account. Here's is a clip from last fall, from episode 39 of Bunnicula:

And here is a more recent muscle growth scene. from an unidentified episode of Gumball:

As a bonus, here's an anthology of clips from another muscle growth channel, GMX Muscle:

Muscle Growth Collection 22 by gmxmuscle

Le Livre de Jack (Werewolf Transformation)

This is a French comic about a boy who is cursed to slowly turn into a what looks like a werewolf (I'm not sure if it is). Since the transformation was spread out over many pages, I've edited together panels from different parts of the book to show the stages of the change:

Brutal Nature: Concrete Fury (Monster Transformations)

My thanks to FlasHes for recommending this comic. From issue 1, we have a monster TF, reversion, and rejuvenation:

In issue 2 we get a gargoyle:

Meutes: Lune Rouge (Werewolf Transformations)

This French comic is from the same artist as Le Livre de Jack (O.G. Boiscommun) and also involves lycanthropy. Two transformations from Vol. 1:

Vol. 2 is more violent and shows an old werewolf and young one getting murdered. The poor guys barely get a chance to enjoy wolfhood:

Amazing Spider-Man (Spider Transformations)

A Spiderman clone known as Kaine or Scarlet Spider turns into a sexy Man-Spider in Amazing Spider-Man #13 (2014):

There's a flashback to this scene in #21 (2015):

Considering how often spider TFs have occured in the comics, why haven't any of the ten billion Spider-man movies featured them? I bet Tom Holland would look great sprouting eight legs and a fur coat...

Taka's Officer (Muscle Growth Transformation)

Enjoy this NSFW animation by Taka, about a police officer who gets a little too big for his britches:

For more muscle growth animation, check out Taka's blog!

For a bonus, here's some MG from episode 19 of the anime Tenjou Tenge:

Friday, March 31, 2017

Comic Round-Up (Weigh Gain, Werewolf, Panda, Monster, and Dragon Transformations)

Hello everyone,
Co-editor Daymon here, bringing you the latest update. All the posts are by yours truly. Apuleius sends the following message:

Please give Daymon a big hand for saving my bacon this month. I had trouble finding decent material, but Daymon managed to locate a bumper crop of goodies. Thanks again Daymon!

We'll begin the update with transformations from various comics.
First up is the webcomic Were-Trucker, with TFs that start on page 1 of the mini-comic and on page 5 of Bad Moon Riding.

Next comes the manhua Tales from Demons and Gods. In Chapter 97 the protagonist gains a new form and tests it out:

Our last sets of images come from the comicbook Fables. In issue #23 Beast's wife becomes more enraged at him, and he transforms more and more into his namesake:

In issues 37 to 39,  Jack gains weight and starts losing his hair mysteriously. As he becomes more attached to his treasure, Jack grows scales and a tail before eventually turning into a dragon: