Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! Welcome to our holiday update, the last of the year. Apologies for the two month gap, but pickings were scarce. You'll find eight items below, most from my colleague Daymon. Also, the post for Good Manners has been updated with a higher-quality edited video created and donated by a kind reader.
On with the update, and to all a Transformational New Year!

Titans (Tiger-to-Human Transformation)

As predicted, Titans gave us another scene of Beast Boy reverting from a tiger to a very naked human. It's from episode 7:

The reversion is decent but much too fast and dark, so I've slowed down and brightened the video:

TF Video Round-Up (Muscle Growth, Age Progression, Lizard, and Werewolf Transformations)

 Here are five videos of short transformation scenes.

* A music video for the song "Closer" by Lemaitre, featuring some age progression/muscle growth:

* A web animation from Marvel, Spider-Gwen | Marvel TL;DR, that has a quick Lizard shift:

 * A quick wolfman scene from episode 5 of the anime Strike the Blood:

 * A web animation called The Mind Electric, which has a werewolf transformation at the 0:40 mark:

The Mind Electric [non profit Animatic/Storyboard] (TallyHall) from MilaMilkchocolate on Vimeo.

* Finally, a mystery item. This is a trailer for a film made in Myanmar. As you can see, there's some kind of monster/werewolf transformation at the end. I'm having trouble tracking this film down (to be honest, I didn't even know Myanmar had a film industry), so if you know a way to get a copy, please let me know!

Super Science Friends (Monster Transformation)

By Daymon This scene is from episode 6 ("Full Metal Scientist") of the animation web-series Super Science Friends. A fellow named Oppenheimer transforms into Shiva (?) when attacked by the Super Science Friends:

Strange Tales 1998 (Werewolf Transformation)

By Daymon

These panels are from Strange Tales #1 and feature Jack Russell, aka Werewolf by Night, struggling with his wolf-side but eventually transforming:

As a bonus, here's an ink-only version of the last page, posted by Vanzilen on our Discord server:

Tales of Gods and Demons (Panda Transformation)

This is Daymon, following up on anonymous suggestion for the animated web-series Tales of Gods and Demons, which is based on the webtoon transformation I posted a while back. Here is a panda transformation from season 3, episode 18:

The aftermath can be seen in in episode 19.

Scud the Disposable Assassin (Dinosaur and Werewolf Transformation)

Daymon here with some transformations from the graphic novel Scud the Disposable Assassin. First up, a cyborg mob boss gets bitten by a zombie cyborg dinosaur and slowly changes into one:

Next, Scud gains a new human arm, but soon finds out it belongs to a werewolf. Things get a little hairy on the last page:

Finally we see the transformation of the werewolf who "donated" his arm to Scud. The transformation occurs onboard a space shuttle to the moon:

Changed (Multiple Transformations)

Daymon here with some transformations from the game-over cutscenes of Changed. They're compiled in this video:

Artist Round-Up (Bear, Horse, Dog, Gorilla, Elephant, Bull, Tanuki, Dragon, Cat, Boar, Bear, Monster, and Orc TFs & Muscle Growth)

The majority of material in this post was found by Daymon, but before he takes over, here are a few selections (some NSFW) chosen by Apuleius.

First, some Twitter finds:

Moving on, I present a few transformation pictures and sequences found on Furaffinity:

Swine Spell (multi-page pig sequence)

A Pleasing Wish (dog sequence)

His Master's Voice (dog sequence)

Damn Paws! (dog sequence)

Fall Out Wolves (werewolf sequence)

Fading Under the Beast (werewolf image)

And now on to part 2, from my co-editor!


Daymon here with another round up of an artist for your pleasure. The first artist for this post is Rakete, represented by these selected works:
Bear Ass
Working Too Hard
Ivory Issue
Gorilla Out
Big Bull Ahead

Here are some works commissioned by Shanghailion, whose collection includes pieces from various artists:
Feel Like A New Man by matatabi88
Japanese Trash Panda by hhazard
Banana Protein, also by hhazard
 Papa Bear, also by hhazard
New Wrestling Recruits by justinfox

Artist Rwolf who draws lots of lupine and xenophilic pieces, as you can see: 
Mutual Bonding: One and Two
Parasite Infestation Series, starting here
Subject Series: One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven

Artist, Punkchops has a Transformation gallery with several highlights:
Werebear II
Werebear III
Werebear IV
Werebear V

And the final artist is Anothermeekone with his brand of hypnosis and mind control transformations:
Marty Gets Magic'd
STR8 Wolf Seeking Love
The Unyielding Fire
Marty goes Missing
It's The Pits

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Strange Angel (Werewolf Transformation)

Happy Halloween! What better time for an update? What better time for werewolves?

Let's begin with episode 6 of the historical drama web-TV series Strange Angel, about the real-life rocket scientist/occultist Jack Parsons. In case you're confused by the clip below, Parsons was not actually a werewolf. These scenes are fantasies.

"Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur"and (Dinosaur and Godzilla/Monster Transformations & Reversions)

Two Marvel comics involving reptiles...

A scientific expeirment gone wrong causes a Tyrannosaurus Rex to become a human boy in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #33:

And from New Avengers (Vol.4, # 09) the story "American Kaiju." The American military injects a soldier with a gamma-enhanced cocktail of mutant growth hormones and the serum used by the Lizard from Spider-Man comics. The result? An all-American Godzilla!

Alas, he's cured in the next issue:

Brother Nash (Werewolf Transformations)

Brother Nash is a trippy, freewheeling comic series about a Native American werewolf trucker. This is a creator-owned series and a very fun one, so I encourage you to support the artist and buy a copy.

There are transformations in all three issues. Let's start with the first:

The second issue brings us a shorter transformation:

And from the third issue...

Gegege no Kitaro 2018 (Werewolf and Muscle Growth Transformations)

Daymon here with another transformation from Gegege no Kitaro, thanks to musclelover from our Discord channel. It's a well-animated werewolf metamorphosis from episode 27:

And here is Apuleius, bringing you another Kitaro transformation (thanks to AP Ninja at the Process forum), this time from episode 29. It's a weird muscle growth/age progression scene involving Victor Frankenstein, who in this show seems to be a cross between Frankenstein's monster and the Hulk...

Haunted Tales (Pidgeon Transformation)

The following unusual transformation was found by TheUltimateCrusader. I'll let him do the honors:

"Man, I had to DIG to find this one. Not many TFs left to find these days. From a show called Haunted Tales, this is from an episode called 'The Pigeonman' or 'Night of the Were-Pigeon' if you saw it on Amazon."

"Something Human" and "Legacies" (Werewolf Transformations)

Two unrelated werewolf transformations are grouped together because neither was strong enough on its own...

First, a music video for the band Muse and its song "Something Human." I have no idea what's going on but there is some lycanthropy:

Second, a werewolf metamorphosis from the first episode of Legacies. It has the same problem as the werewolf transformations on its parent shows,The Vampire Diaries and The Originals: a great build-up but no follow-through. Right when the transformation starts to get juicy they cut to a fully-morphed wolf. Grrrrr!
Anyway, the video is cued to 00:58--keep watching up to 1:05 and then skip ahead to 1:42.

I suppose shows like Legacies skimp on werewolf metamorphoses because they're expensive. But let's remember that the original British series of Being Human was so low-budget it couldn't afford CGI and yet had some of the best werewolf transformations ever made for TV. Here are the show's storyboards:

"Astrology -- Leo," "Bat TF," and "Halloween Candy" (Werewolf and bat transformations)

Here are three animated short films we found while trawling the web.

First, an animatic about a couple on a date--the man is trying his best to hide his transformation from the lady:

ASTROLOLOGY SEASON 2 ( LEO - WEREWOLF ) from Fikry Zainal on Vimeo.

Next, a little bat turns into a monstrous one (thanks to Cactusmasher for recommending this on our Discord channel):

And the third tale, which involves Halloween candy (just in time for our Halloween update!):