Friday, August 31, 2018

Update and Disenchantment (Pig transformation)

Daymon, here with the update for this month and to start it with a transformation from the Netflix Original, Disenchantment, where a prince drinks a concoction of elf and pig's blood that transforms into a pig right when he's about to marry a princess. Here is the scene and the video comes courtesy of Makaio and Kwipper for capturing and rendering the video (sorry for not mentioning you sooner, Kwipper):

Also here is a link to download the clip if you want:

Seven Deadly Sins (Muscle Growth)

Daymon here with another muscle growth scene suggested by Feather Wolf  and from the Seven Deadly Sins anime. Here is the character Escathor growing muscle again as he heads into battle:

Muscle Growth: the Cove (Muscle Growth)

Co-editor with another muscle growth scene from Husskoni called The Cove. Here is the animatic here:

Gegege no Kitaro 2018 (Demon transformation)

Daymon here with a transformation I forgot from the 2018 anime Gegege no Kitaro with a supporting character and the main being transformed into a yokai called a Gyuki. It seems that Kitaro get's transformed into something more often against his will. Anyway, here is the clip:

Broken Links

Daymon here with some links to5 past posts updated with working videos with most of them having to do with werewolves, here is the list:

Demon Transformation Round-up (Demon Transformation)

Daymon here is a round of demon transformation courtesy of Ian Rickey. The first transformation is from The Distrubance in a dream sequence, found here:

The next is 獣神伝説 (Jûshin Densetsu) where a boy transforms into one from his dream:

The final video for the round up is Black Past, where Thommy (Olaf Ittenbach) transforms into a demon after being possessed by it:

Artist Round-Up (Bear, Boar, Minotaur, Monster, Bird, Werewolf, Dog, Griffin, Donkey, Horse, Pig, Lion, Kangaroo, Raptor, Coyote, Boar, Demon, Red Panda, Sea Serpent, Imp Transformation,Weight Gain, and Muscle Growth)

Daymon here with a round up of artist for this month, and let us start with Barexbear and his art of hefty transformations. here is a list of his comic, the rest of the comics are NSFW and needs an FurAffinity account to view them:
Big Brother
Practice: Wish Stone
VR Quest
Choose Your Character
TF Asgore
TF Kass

Next up is Stickmanwww, with his ALL-Transformation gallery and a list of his sequences and comics:
Werewalf TF (NSFW)
Shine of the Medallion (SFW)
Birthday Bear (SFW)
A Jungle Book (SFW)
The Sky Amulet's Curse (SFW)
Beware of Cat toys (SFW)
Potion Pranks (NSFW)
Natural Fragrence (SFW)
Attacked and Turned (NSFW)
Forbidden Brew (NSFW)
Clever Boy (SFW)
Bottom of the Pool (SFW)
Gonna need a Roo Passport (SFW)
Gone to the Dogs (SFW)
The Polar Tune (NSFW)
Capturing the Moment (SFW)
Trick Mirror (SFW)
Crossing the Buck line (SFW)
Hostile Takeover (NSFW)
Playing Ruff (NSFW)
Another Unworthy Swine (NSFW)
Badgered Boy (SFW)
Hogging the Mirror (SFW)
Curse of Bear Claw Lake (SFW)
Horse Race Invintation (NSFW)
Call of the Moon (SFW)
The Intern Lion SFW
Pint Sized Shots (SFW)
The Perfect Size (NSFW)
Moonlight Lore (NSFW)
Glutton for Punishment (SFW)
Bull Brand Briefs (NSFW)
Malware at Work (SFW) 
That Can be Arranged (NSFW)

And the final artist is Beezlejuice and his Transformation gallery list:
Hellish Transformation (NSFW)
Here Piggy (NSFW)
Wolf Sequence 1 (NSFW)
Polar Sequence (SFW)
Boar Bellied (SFW)
Pleasure Island Perils (NSFW)
Panda Power (NSFW)
Submit and Succumb (NSFW)
Fins to the left (SFW)
Be my good boy (NSFW)
Aw, rats (SFW)
Sudden Implication (NSFW)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters (Werewolf Transformation)

UPDATE TIME! We hope you enjoy this selection of summertime transformations. All of the items were posted by Daymon, without whom this blog would be a shadow of itself. So says Apuleius, and now on with the update! 

Thanks to Fusano from the blog's Discord server for recommending this scene from the TV series Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters.
A reporter finds out about a presidential candidate is a werewolf and finds a way to expose his true nature:

Marvel's Spiderman (Muscle Growth)

Here's another transformation from Marvel's Spider-Man (season 2, episode 5, "School of Hard Knocks"). Thanks go to Musclelover, from the blog's Discord Server, for suggesting it.
The science-terrorist group AIM has captured Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the Hulk to siphon their powers into students from a private school it's using as a hideout. As you can see the experiment was a success!

How not to Summon a Demon Lord (Lizard Transformation)

Here are two versions of the same transformation, taken from the manga and anime of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. We'll start with the manga, where a character stabs himself with a cursed knife and becomes possessed by--and transformed into--Gregor, member of a race called the Fallen:

Now here is the transformation from the anime, where Gregor has fur:

Dances with the Dragons (Spider transformation)

From episode 10 of Dances with Dragons: a transformation into a spider-like monster.

Crazy Werewolf & AWIL Bonus (Werewolf transformations)

A web animation suggested by an anonymous commenter--hope you like it!

As a lycanthropic bonus, here's a video someone put together of the transformation scene storyboards from An American Werewolf in London. Thanks to Ian R. for the recommendation.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 (Centaur Transformation)

From the 2011 anime Hunter X Hunter: a member of the Chimera Ant King's Royal Guard transforms out of respect for the Hunters' determination to fight him.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter (Werewolf Transformation)

Here's a gameplay video from pareidolon where an enemy transforms into a werewolf. Scroll to 42:50 to see the transformation...

Watch The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter First Look @ 6:00 PM EDT! from Bethesda on

Legend of the 3 Caballeros (Muscle Growth)

From the Disney Digital cartoon series Legend of the 3 Caballeros--José insults a minotaur that proceeds to grow in size and muscle...

Day of the Devourer (Reverse Wolf transformation)

From the webcomic Day of the Devourer, a wolf transforms into a human as dawn breaks. Make sure to read all eight pages to catch the transformations at both ends...