Sunday, December 17, 2017

Welcome to the update! My apologies for the delay, but life's been busy, and fall and winter so far have been a lean time for transformations, but I hope you'll enjoy the 10 items below. Happy Holidays to all to all our readers!

Stan Against Evil (Horse Transformation)

From "Curse of the Werepony" (Season 2, episode 3). It made me giggle.

Jughead: The Hunger #2 (Werewolf Transformation)

We covered the one-shot a while ago, but I'm pleased to report that the ongoing series also has some transformation scenes. First we see Reggie's metamorphosis:

Next is the reversion of Jughead's cousin Bingo:

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters (Monster Transformations)

My thanks to Daymon for recommending the following scenes from this Netflix cartoon.
In episode 12 a man turns into a sort of aquatic blob monster:

An even better transformation occurs in the next episode, when the heroes' benefactor is revealed to be the "Stretch Monster," who looks like The Creature From the Black Lagoon on steroids.

American Born Chinese (Race Transformation)

This must be the first time the blog has featured a racial transformation. The graphic novel American Born Chinese has an asian-to-white change, followed by a white-to-asian reversion (induced by the Monkey King).

Teen Titans Go! (Monster/Turtle Transformations)

From season 2, episode 36...
Suffering from a bad case of Ninja Turtle envy, the Titans drink toxic ooze, but their mutations don't go as planned...

Werewolf Round-Up! (Various Werewolf Transformations from TV, comics, etc.)

And now a grab-bag of short lycanthropic metamorphoses...

As predicted, the werewolf episode of The Skinner Boys was disappointing (I've rarely seen a great transformation in flash animation), but since I put some effort into finding it, here you go:


More werewolfery from the French comic Le Collège Invisible (for coverage of the earlier volumes, go here).


A brief metamorphosis from episode 4 of UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2.


A neat gif from twitter:


A student animation find from Vimeo:


From issue 1 of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of the Vampire:


From Vampirella (Vol.3) #15:

And from issue 18:


The final item is from The Omen #1, and was recommended by Mr. Allen. The transformation was originally dispersed over several pages, so I had to edit most of the panels together into one spread--sorry if it looks strange. 

"Checkers in Tan Tan Tanuki" (Raccoon Dog Transformation)

This Japanese film from 1984 features a rather goofy raccoon dog (aka Tanuki) metamorphosis:

Later on there's some muzzle growth and a glimpse of the fully transformed Tanukis. I didn't see any parachute-sized scrotums.

Belladonna (Demon and Werewolf Transformations)

Thanks to Samuel G. for recommending this comic series.
Belladonna: Origins #7 features a man gradually transforming into a demon:

Belladonna #2 has a werewolf TF (NSFW!)

Lastly, a quick werewolf scene from the side story in issue 4:

Ratpocalypse (Rat Transformation)

This film clip is from the youtube account of Weremaster1989, a fellow TF enthusiast:

TF Round-Up! (Dog, Demon, Bat, Muscle Growth, and Monster Transformations)

And now a grab-bag of various transformations found in various media...

Some Doberman action from volume 8 of the French comic Klaw (for TFs from earlier volumes click here):


Thanks to the anonymous reader who recommended this clip from the Adult Swim cartoon (season 3, episode 5), which shows Steve Urkel (from the sitcom Family Matters, for those of you who didn't grow up in the 90s) getting ripped:

Toward the end, the Dean (appropriately voiced by Hulk Hogan), drink some of the muscle juice and also hulks out.


Some brief shapeshifting in the Acer commercial "Predator – Summon Your Strength," recommended by Mr. Allen.


Next, some demon transformations from the comic Kore, also recommended by Mr. Allen.
From issue #1, the initial demon TF:

From Kore #5, the demon gets even more demonic, and then transfers himself to a new host:


And for more demonic fun, some morphing in The Omen #3, also recommended by Mr. Allen:


And to conclude this post, some vintage Man-Bat madness from Detective Comics 416, drawn by the great Frank Robbins (Man-Bat's co-creator):

Friday, November 17, 2017

EDIT: The update will occur on or before Monday, Dec. 18!

I've been busy with a big non-TF project and will be traveling during Thanksgiving, so the next update probably won't be until early December. Fortunately I will have plenty of leisure time next month to hunt for and post transformation material. So my apologies for the hiatus, and see you in December. Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving!