Monday, February 26, 2018

Killing Bites (Bear, Snake, and Gorilla Transformation)

Welcome to the February update! We hope you'll enjoy the eight items we've gathered for you.

Your co-editor Daymon is here with three more transformations from the anime Killing Bites. The first is a bear transformation:

The next is a cobra TF:

And the final one is partial gorilla transformation:

Marvel's Spider-Man (Spider Transformations)

Spider-Man recently spent five episodes on a loose adaptation of the comics story "Spider-Island" (covered in an earlier post), which involved everyone in Manhattan gaining Spider-powers and then  transforming into human-sized spiders. The transformation scenes weren't as great as I hoped, but they're nothing to sneeze at either.

On to the first clip. The first part is from episode 19 ("Spider-Island Part 1"). Norman Osborne has stolen Spider-Man's stealth suit and is busy battling Spidey and his friends until he transforms into a man-spider. The remainder of the clip is taken from episode 22 ("Spider-Island Part 4") and shows Osborn being injected with a cure. He partially reverts offscreen, and reverts entirely after the full cure is injected.

Now for the second clip. The first scene is taken from episode 22 and shows some quick spider TFs. The scenes afterward are from episode 23 ("Spider-Island Part 5") and show various spider monsters reverted to human form:

Breadwinners (Monster Transformations)

Many thanks to Featherwolf for not only finding this clip but also sending it to me. Much appreciated! I'll let Featherwolf describe what you're about to see:
Here's one more for you! The clip comes from a show called "Breadwinners" [season 2, episode 34?]. Terrible show but an episode called "Bad Zituation" houses an awesome muscle growth/monster transformation. The two main characters eat monster bread and turn into hulking monsters when they visit a monster island. The episode is nearly impossible to find since there's next to no record of it anywhere (apparently it aired in the UK months before the US and the titles and episode numbers are all messed up), but luckily I grabbed the full episode months ago and cropped it down to the good part:

"Harley Quinn" and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10" (Bat and Monster Transformations)

Two bat-related comics for your delectation!
First is Harley Quinn #36, which continues the Man-Bat storyline from the previous issue (covered here). All you need to know is that Tony, the captured guy below, had been earlier injected with the Man-Bat serum. In these pages he transforms and is given an antidote.

Our second comic is Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Ten #4, a "canonical comic continuation" of the TV show. In these scans Dracula gets accidentally transformed into a demonic vampire bat-monster:

Zetman (Gecko Transformation)

Episode one of this anime brings us a gecko (or chameleon) anthro-dude:

I'll have to check if there are more transformations in this show...

Batman: Night of the Monster Men (Monster Transformation and Reversion)

Daymon here with monster transformation and reversion from Batman: Night of the Monster Men. Nightwing gets infected with monster blood and transforms into a bat-bird hybrid monster, but he gets better later on, as you can see:

And now the reversion:

Teen Titans Go! (Muscle Growth/Monster Transformation)

My thanks to Featherwolf for discovering and recommending this scene from the episode "Snuggle Time" (number 49 of season 3 or #153).
The Titans transform into villains and Beast Boy becomes Beast Monster:

Evil Friends (Werewolf Transformation)

Daymon here, with a comic by Tatum Howlett titled Evil Friends that can be found on the following link:

It can be purchased for any price (even $0), but we recommend supporting the artist with some well-earned money, since the werewolf transformation, which begins on page 10, is very well drawn.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Devilman Crybaby (Demon/Monster Transformations)

UPDATE TIME! After a brief January hibernation we've returned with a larger update than expected. Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions. 2018 is off to a good start!


Thanks to Daymon, Max. V., and Ian Ricky for recommending this obviously popular (and stylish) new anime.

 Episode 1 has a minor demon transformation, followed by Devilman's first metamorphosis:

Episode 2 has a few bad guys turning into demons, followed by another Devilman morph:

From episode 3, a quick demon shift, then more of Devilman getting devilih (and reverting):

Episode 4 has more of our hero assuming devil form:

Episode 5 has Devilman transforming again, followed by a man turning into an electrical demon, followed by Devilman reverting. This clip also includes a short demon transformation from episode 10.

Lastly, episode 6 opens with a NSFW dream sequence of a guy turning into a demon. Then Devilman undergoes another transformation. Finally, the guy who had the bad dream turns into a bull demon, and a Devilman transforms to stop him:

Marvel's Spider-Man (Rhinoceros Transformation)

I'm happy to report that the new Spider-Man cartoon continues to deliver transformations--in episode 18 ("The Rise of Doc Ock, Part III") the Rhino returns and starts turning other folks into Rhino-men too. It's like the writers wanted to give me material!

Killing Bites (Lion Transformation)

This Daymon, bringing you a leonine transformation from the anime, Killing Bites. Hopefully there will be more in the future episodes!

EDIT: if the file above doesn't play, try this one:

Popeye and Son (Monster Transformations)

My thanks to Bro43man for digging up this transformation-rich episode (counted as either #9 or 17), titled "Dr. Junior and Mr. Hyde." As the title implies, Popeye Junior and his friend Woody accidently drink a mad scientist's formula and turn into monsters. They transform several times and manage to get revenge on bullies (including Bluto's son). This clip is edited together from various scenes:

If you want to slow the transformations down, click the gear icon to adjust the settings.

"Harley Quinn" and "Jughead: The Hunger" (Bat and Werewolf Transformations)

Welcome to our goofball comic pairing!
First up is a Man-Bat reversion from Harley Quinn #35:


Moving on, here's some lycanthropic action from Jughead: The Hunger #3.
In the first group of scans, Jughead and his cousin transform--later on they're ambushed and Jughead has a quick reversion:

In the second part, Reggie recruits a new werewolf pack, whose members bond by transforming together:

Tai Chi Chasers (Monster Reversion)

Daymon here, with a reversion scene from episode 20 of Tai Chi Chasers--a draconic monster returns back to his human form:

Mystic Belle (Werewolf transformation)

This is Daymon, bringing you a scene from the Metrodvania retro game, Mystik Belle, which features a werewolf transformation from one of the bosses:

Ben 10 (2016) (Multiple transformation)

Daymon here, with a transformation from the 2016 Ben10 reboot (the episode is "Animorphosis"). Dr. Animo is transformed into the alien version of Rath after going through phases of different aliens, and later turns back into a human.