Monday, November 11, 2019

Victor and Valentino (Donkey and Rooster Transformations)


Back in March we received a comment from Featherwolf, who wrote "I'd keep an eye on that new Cartoon Network show Victor and Valentino. It's a show about ancient Mexican spirits and monsters so there's bound to be a transformation at some point."

Seven months later our wish came true: in episode 39 ("On Nagual Hill"), Victor and Valentino endanger several animals while building a water slide for their friends. A shapeshifter punishes them by transforming the pair into a rooster and a donkey. Thankfully the animators decided to put in  some body horror, so we get a good scene.

Primal (Muscle Growth)

This is co-editor Kumaguma, bringing you a transformation from the new Gendy Tartakovsky cartoon Primal, discovered by  Musclelover on our blog's Discord server. In the fifth episode, Spear the caveman and the tyrannosaurus Fang are captured by apes and made to fight with warriors in an arena. The shaman that surveys the combat gives the apes a drop of a potion that increases their muscles and aggression. Spear manages to free himself and drink the entire potion, hulking out against his captors:

Creepshow (Werewolf Transformations)

Episode two of the TV series Creepshow is titled "Bad Wolf Down" and set during World War II. A group of three American soldiers are holed up in a small house under siege by the Nazis. Inside with them is a dying woman who turns out to be a suicidal werewolf. The Americans give her a silver cross to commit suicide with, and in return she bites the three soldiers, who transform into werewolves and kill all the Nazis who attack the house.

This is obviously a low-budget show, because the transformations are depicted as comic book pages, flipped before the viewer's eyes. They're not live-action or even animated, but the comic panels are well-drawn. I know some people were disappointed by this, but if the only alternatives were off-camera transformations or really cheap CGI, then I'm okay with the comics effect.

But since these are more comic than live-action transformations, I've decided to add screencaps of each panel below the video. Enjoy!

Now for the screencaptures. Due to the annoying "page flip," different frames of each panel have been partially obscured, so I've occasionally repeated frames from the same panel in order to show the full image.

First we have the rookie:

Next, his older comrade:

Finally, the middle-aged Captain:

Size Matters & Bonus (Muscle Growth Transformations)

My thanks to Featherwolf for finding this clip from episode one of the BBC program Size Matters, which examines what humans might look like if they evolved to giant size:

As a related bonus, here is a short muscle growth video:

Muscle Growing from Maxi on Vimeo.

Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle (Werewolf Transformation)

Marvel decided to try a weird stunt: have seven creative teams work round-robin style on a lengthy Spider-Man comic, with each team picking up where the previous one left off. No planning allowed until the final chapter. The result, Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1, is of course a goofy mess, and it involves werewolves.

There's no point in explaining the plot, so here's a brief set-up: Spider-Man returns from space to find everyone on earth has changed into werewolves. At first he seems immune, but then he views the full moon...(Question for Marvel nerds: is this the first time Spider-Man has turned into a werewolf?)

Spider-Werewolf catches a mugger (also a werewolf, of course) and starts beating him up, until he turns into a more humanoid Spider-Wolfman. It turns out that the werewolf form is only caused by the full moon--the rest of the time everyone looks like a wolfman:

 Then Spider-Man fully turns back into a man:

Swords of Sorrow & Wolvenheart (Werewolf Transformations)

Here are werewolf scenes from two unrelated comics. First up is the one-shot Swords of Sorrow: Chaos! It features a rare blond werewolf, but he isn't around for long:

Next up are some preview pages from the first issue of the independent conic Wolvenheart, which can be ordered here